Art, Ideas and the Creative Flow #95 #cong18


The creative process of idea generation involves hyper alertness, embracing fear and evolution.

4 Key Takeaways:

  1. Ideas come from everyday observation
  2. Styles evolve
  3. Fear can be a blocker
  4. Trust your gut

About Joan Mulvihill:

Joan is the centre director of IC4 – the Irish Centre for Cloud Computing and Commerce.  Previously she was the CEO of the Irish Internet Association..

Contacting Joan Mulvihill:

You can contact Joan on Twitter, on LinkedIn and via email.



By Joan Mulvihill

Kick starting #cong18 in Ashford Castle Joan discussed her discovery journey as an artist, how the creative process works, how ideas evolve and sharing your idea.

See Joan’s presentation below.

See Joan’s slides below.

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