Ideas from the Inside the Box #96 #cong18


Ideas come from a wealth of sources, take time to form and clients need to educated on how to buy them.

4 Key Takeaways:

  1. ‘Morning after’ test
  2. Look at the info you have
  3. Never stop looking – everywhere
  4. Learn to buy as well as sell ideas

About David Gluckman:

David Gluckman was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa on 1st November 1938, the day that Sea Biscuit and War Admiral fought out the Race of the Century at Pimlico Park, Baltimore.  Educated in Johannesburg, he joined a local advertising agency after university and soon fell in love with business. He made the pilgrimage to London in 1961 and worked as an account executive on the introduction of Kerrygold butter into the UK.  Always a frustrated creative, he escaped into brand development in 1969, met a man from a drinks company called IDV, and his life changed forever. A lover of cricket, he considers his greatest achievement bowling the West Indian legend, Joel Garner, first ball in a pro-am 6-a-side tournament.

In 1973 David invented Baileys, the world’s most successful cream liqueur, which has since sold over 1.25 billion bottles.

Contacting David Gluckman:

You can connect with David on LinkedIn or see his book ‘That Sh*t Will Never Sell’



By David Gluckman

Kick starting #cong18 in Ashford Castle David shared his life time of ideation, the hard work involved and sources of ideas.

See David’s presentation below.

See David accompanying presentation slides below.

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