The themes and focus for Congregation

We are building a better tomorrow

  •  2013 was social media
  •  2014 evolved to digital media
  • 2015 was how technology impacts on work and personal lives.
  • 2016  broadened to ‘The Future’
  • 2017 expanded to ‘Innovation’
  • 2018 explored ‘Ideas’
  • 2019 was ‘Community’
  • 2020 is ‘Society 3.0’
  • 2121 is ‘Leadership’

Submission Guidance on ‘Leadership’ Theme for #cong21

Last year the theme of ‘Society 3.0’ embraced a very wide canvas of who we are, how we define ourselves, what we wish to become and what world do we wish to live in.  In 2021 we will be exploring one of its key drivers ‘Leadership’.

We live in an era of rapid change.  2021 is a testament of how quickly core accepted norms can be challenged and rapidly changed.  Much of this change was external to leadership, some of it was augment by positive leadership and some was tainted by poor leadership.

We expect more of leaders but we need to think beyond the person and question what it means, how it should constructed and explore new modes of leading.

Leadership is a tricky subject with many people are uncomfortable with the label, yet they fulfil the role.  Its strong association with power, money and ego can tarnish this strong driver for business, politics, society and our own personal lives.

Firstly we are looking for people from diverse background from sociologists, technologists, start up experts, change management, innovation/disruption consultants but also psychologists, physicans, teachers, academics, business owners, politicans, researchers through to farmers, spiritual, mindfulness and healers.   We are also looking for attendees from different age profiles to ensure the voices of all generation are heard.  The range of backgrounds and age means no one direction of thinking dominates.

Secondly we want people to consider society from the perspective of a blank canvas and challenge themselves.  As demonstrated by last year’s theme we now live in a new era and our leadership should also evolve.  Leadership can be temporary and no longer the reserve of the physically strongest or the most driven.  All aspects of our lives are touched by it, as we all guide in some shape or form on a daily basis.

One of the outputs of CongRegation is an eBook and the posts are the chapters in that book.

We want perspectives, stories, case studies, opinion pieces, how to’s, experience based, wish lists, academic, thought leadership looking at this area from multiple angles.

Posts could debate specific thoughts, methodologies, technologies or focus on the psychological and social aspects.

Theme Guidance
#cong20 'Society 3.0'

The Past

What can we learn from leaders of the past?
How were decision reached in past cultures?
Good/bad leader decisions from the past?
How did primitive leadership form?

The Present

What type leaders do we want now?
How is our society different now?
What structures are needed to guide us?
Do we need leaders?

The Future

Will technology change the role of leaders?
Will AI balance human imperfections in leadership?
Will ego/power/money/control dominate leadership?
Will a sense of common purpose emerge?
Will the planet unite around one leadership culture?

#cong21 'Leadership'

  • What is leadership?
  • Do we need it?
  • How hard is to lead?
  • Empowering all.
  • Detaching ego and power from leadership
  • Uncoupling Control from Leadership
  • Fostering future leaders
  • New modes of leadership
  • Decentralised leadership
  • Impact of social media
  • Rise of millennial leaders
  • Temporary leadership
  • Personality types
  • Leadership types
  • Group versus individual
  • Technology augmentation
  • Ethics
  • Politics and governance
  • Leading for a better world
  • Being comfortable with the label
  • Leading beyond boundaries (ref Common Purpose)
  • Business Leadership and Culture
  • Stepping up
  • Leading from Behind
  • Enabling common vision