The themes and focus for Congregation

We are building a better tomorrow

  •  2013 was social media
  •  2014 evolved to digital media
  • 2015 was how technology impacts on work and personal lives.
  • 2016  broadened to ‘The Future’
  • 2017 expanded to ‘Innovation’
  • 2018 explored ‘Ideas’
  • 2019 was ‘Community’
  • 2020 was ‘Society 3.0’
  • 2021 was ‘Leadership’
  • 2022 was ‘Purpose’
  • 2023 is ‘Reality’

Submission Guidance on ‘Reality’ Theme for #cong23

Last year’s theme of ‘Purpose’ broaden the discussion base from philosophical perspectives to business focused interpretations and everything in-between.   ‘Reality’ builds on this theme and similar to ‘purpose’ become more meaningful the deeper you dig,

‘Reality’ is a complex and multi-faceted concept, and its interpretation can vary greatly depending on one’s beliefs, experiences, and perspectives.

When thinking about reality, here are some aspects to consider:

Objectivity vs Subjectivity: Is reality something that exists independently of our perception and is objective, or is it shaped by our subjective experiences and beliefs?

Physical vs Mental Phenomena: What is the relationship between physical reality and mental reality, such as thoughts, emotions, and beliefs?

Science vs Philosophy: How do scientific theories and models help us understand reality, and how do philosophical perspectives shape our understanding of reality?

Perception vs Reality: How does our perception of reality influence our understanding of it, and how do we distinguish between perception and reality?

Consciousness and Reality: What is the relationship between consciousness and reality, and how does our consciousness shape our perception of reality?

The role of language: How does language shape our perception of reality, and how does our choice of words influence our understanding of reality?

Reality and Society: How do cultural and societal norms shape our perception of reality, and how does our understanding of reality change over time?

Dreams and Reality: What is the relationship between dreams and reality, and how do our dreams shape our understanding of reality?

Art and Reality: How does art reflect and shape our perception of reality, and how does art challenge and expand our understanding of reality?

Business Reality:  How can we make work authentic and real.

Virtual and Augmented Reality:  Life in the metaverse, web3.0 and virtual worlds

Generational Reality: How different is the perceptive of Generation Z with online and virtual world immersion versus media starved Baby Boomers

We want perspectives, stories, case studies, opinion pieces, how to’s, experience based, wish lists, academic, thought leadership looking at this area from multiple angles.

Posts could debate specific thoughts, methodologies, technologies or focus on the psychological and social aspects.

Theme Guidance
#cong22 'Purpose'

Looking Up

What can we learn from those who pondered purpose and existence in the past?
Does purpose change over the ages?
What did the ancient greeks believe?

Looking Down

How does our society influence purpose?
What structures are needed to guide us?
Has consumerism and accumulation of wealth become our sole purpose?
What does it mean on a daily basis?

Looking Sideways

Our blind spots:
- Food - how we make it (factory process), the soil to support it and how we waste it
- How we use energy and where it comes from
- Waste - from packaging to our bodily waste

#cong22 'Purpose'

  • What is real in an era of fake news?
  • The rise of conspiracy theories.
  • Making work real – keeping it authentic.
  • Authenticity and communications.
  • Our blind spots -climate change, food production and impact on the planet.
  • Looking down -the Micro universe from atoms to bacteria – the reality we cannot see.
  • Looking up – the wonders of the universe and the reality of our place
  • Inconvenient truths and reality
  • Our reality versus animals – seeing things on different spectrums.
  • Believing what we see but we can see so little
  • Blinkers of modern society and reality
  • Our Reality Bubble
  • How we ignore the realities of science.
  • The rise of reality TV.