The themes and focus for Congregation

We are building a better tomorrow

  •  2013 was social media
  •  2014 evolved to digital media
  • 2015 was how technology impacts on work and personal lives.
  • 2016  broadened to ‘The Future’
  • 2017 expanded to ‘Innovation’
  • 2018 explored ‘Ideas’
  • 2019 was ‘Community’
  • 2020 was ‘Society 3.0’
  • 2021 was ‘Leadership’
  • 2022 was ‘Purpose’
  • 2023 was ‘Reality’
  • 2024 is “Legacy’

Submission Guidance on ‘Legacy’ Theme for #cong24

Last year’s theme of ‘Reality’ was a self reflective journey straddling philosophy introspection, scientific analysis to reaction to staring in the mirror of daily life.

The 2024 theme of ‘Legacy’ again invites us to think about the now but also the inevitable departure and what footprint we leave behind.

When thinking about reality, here are some aspects to consider:

Personal Legacy:

  • Reflect on the values, beliefs, and principles that define you as an individual.
  • Consider the relationships you’ve built and the impact you’ve had on the lives of those around you.
  • Think about the lessons and experiences you want to pass on to future generations.

Professional Legacy:

  • Reflect on your career achievements, skills, and the impact you’ve made in your professional field.
  • Consider the contributions you’ve made to your workplace, industry, or community.
  • Think about the knowledge and expertise you’ve gained and how it can be shared or passed on.

Community Legacy:

  • Consider the positive impact you’ve had on your local community or broader society.
  • Reflect on any community service, volunteer work, or philanthropy you’ve been involved in.
  • Think about how your actions and contributions have made a difference in the lives of others.

Intellectual Legacy:

  • Consider any ideas, innovations, or intellectual contributions you’ve made.
  • Reflect on your role in advancing knowledge or addressing challenges in your field.
  • Think about how your ideas might continue to influence and inspire others.

Cultural Legacy:

  • Reflect on the cultural aspects of your life, including traditions, customs, and artistic contributions.
  • Consider the ways in which you’ve enriched or contributed to the culture around you.
  • Think about how your cultural legacy might endure through the generations.

Environmental Legacy:

  • Reflect on your impact on the environment and any efforts made towards sustainability.
  • Consider your ecological footprint and the steps you’ve taken to contribute to a healthier planet.
  • Think about how your actions may influence environmental consciousness in the future.

Digital Legacy:

  • Consider your online presence, including social media, blogs, and other digital contributions.
  • Reflect on the information, ideas, and content you’ve shared in the digital space.
  • Think about how your digital footprint might be remembered or accessed by future generations.

We want perspectives, stories, case studies, opinion pieces, how to’s, experience based, wish lists, academic, thought leadership looking at this area from multiple angles.

Posts could debate specific thoughts, methodologies, technologies or focus on the psychological and social aspects.

Theme Guidance
#cong24 'Legacy'

Looking Sideways

What Legacies do we see and recognise?
Do we attach people to Legacies?
Who do we remember and why?

Looking Back

How much of the past is brought forward?
What ancient legacies exist?
Legacy and story telling?

Looking Forward

What Legacy do we want to leave after we die?
Can we change the narrative?
Do we construct our Legacy or leave to others?

#cong24 'Legacy'

  • What is a legacy – it is just a memory?
  • How is legacy represented – artifacts – what can you leave behind?
  • What lasting aspect can you have on the world after you leave??
  • Can you shape your legacy?
  • How do you keep your memory alive in people?
  • Legacy, history and story telling.
  • Impact of mentoring on legacy.
  • Legacy and Lifelong Identity.
  • Personal and professional legacy.
  • Not all legacies are good.
  • Is legacy about the big sign over the door?
  • Money, structure and other tangible aspects of legacy.
  • Do we control our legacy?
  • Should we be remembered?
  • Is legacy only for the rich and famous?
  • Are our children our legacy?
  • Examples of legacy projects.
  • Is our epitaph our legacy?
  • Could you write your own epitaph?
  • Legacy range – Fortune 500 company to putting a smile on peoples faces?
  • How would others describe us when we die?
  • Is legacy only something to consider after our death?
  • Is it positive impact and memories?
  • Should you plan your legacy – what happens if you don’t?
  • Is legacy passing on knowledge or an ego trip?
  • How accurate is legacy – myth versus fact?
  • Legacy and living longer.
  • Increased retirement years and legacy.
  • Is legacy spoilt by living longer – memoires of an early death.
  • Legacy and Being With Youth – Supporting Younger Generations.
  • Legal impacts of legacy – wills to endowments.
  • Legacy and sense of purpose – changing today by thinking about your post death memory.
  • How to build a legacy – personal and professional?
  • Legacy and Succession.