Adult Workshops

Danaghers Pub - Physics and Music Fun

Friday 22nd | Maker Meet – Danagher’s Hotel @ 10pm

MakerMeet are a group of dedicated Makers and educators who give S.T.E.A.M.-based workshops to students and teachers throughout Ireland. They will be running a 2 hour workshop for those who can’t get to Ashford Castle.

This Maker-led workshop will consist of 4 parts : a Towering Engineering Challenge; Creating and defining your community; Map-Making and a final Marshmallow Challenge!

Take this opportunity to share your ideas, work together, solve the worlds problems, build your own country (in Cong) and have fun!

Saturday 23rd | Open Mic | Danaghers Hotel @7.30pm

2018 saw the introduction of a poetry open mic session led by Paul O’Mahony and featured a new book of poems by John Davitt and others.  This year we are again offer the chance for rapid fire glimpses of the poetic side of CongRegation.

Paul Mahony has once again agreed to MC and will be calling on those who wish to recite their own or others poetic words.

You can always decide on the day if you are inspired.

Saturday 23rd | Tin Whiste | Danaghers Hotel @8pm

To date we have covered the Bodhran, Harmonica and the Ukulele.  This year its the humble tin whistle.

Saturday 23rd | Hyphurm | Danaghers Hotel @10pm

Following the music session you will have a chance to sit back and listen as Max Hasting will demo his new ambient music material under the Aklivitus label.  You can sample some it on his Soundcloud.

Sunday 24th | Mindfulness through Daftness | Cong Woods @11am

Derval Dunford

Alison has been starting at this beautiful tree for five hours. She was meant to be in the office. Tomorrow she will be fired. In this way, mindfulness will have solved her work-related stress.”    The Ladybird Book of Mindfulness

  • Are you willing to take it a step further and BE the tree?
  • Would you like to explore the Hangover Cure breath?
  • My upgraded version of Leonard Orr’s 20 connected breaths, described as ‘how to get stoned in 30 seconds’.
  • They say mindfulness is seeing through the eyes of a child. Are you prepared to thoroughly test this theory?


  • Sturdy boots, hat, gloves and full waterproofs
  • You need to have been a child at some stage in the past

Meeting at Cong Abbey @ 11am Sunday 24th Nov