Embrace the Fear #94 #cong18


On October 15 2013 Daphne McKinley lost her son Sean Edwards in a motorsport accident. From this tragedy she established the Sean Edwards Foundation to improve safety conditions and awareness in all levels of motorsport. From this acorn of an idea into she created a movement that is achieving real change in this global sport.

4 Key Takeaways:

  1. We must embrace and harness fear
  2. Ideas take focus and effort to become real
  3. Sometime you need to step back
  4. Inject passion

About Daphne McKinley:

Daphne McKinley has a broad commercial background with decades of property development experience in the UK and Monaco. She has developed validated financial analytics and a successful planning process for creating value, complimenting her perspective on award winning design through her design and construction management team.

Contacting Daphne McKinley:

You can connect with Daphne on LinkedIn and see her work in the Sean Edwards Foundation.



By Daphne McKinley

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