Disciples of Curiosity #93 #cong18


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4 Key Takeaways:

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About Gar Mac Críosta:

Gar Mac Críosta is co-founder of MindRising. In Gar’s other life he has 20+ years, working in the areas in the areas of business model innovation, digital strategy, architecture and organizational effectiveness (lean/agile) across a variety of industries. His work as a digital architect, instructor and speaker has taken him around the world.  Gar is a certified architect professional (IASA CITAP), a Fellow of the Irish Computer Society and Certified Lego® Serious Play Facilitator. Gar has served on the board of the Irish Computer Society and the Board of Iasa Global.

Contacting Gar Mac Críosta:

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By Gar Mac Críosta

We are the disciples of curiousity

We live in the liminal

We search out the gaps, we look for edges

We must look, we crave to see

Answers we seek to problems unknown

We connect we explore we share

We sense signals and follow the gossamer threads

To the curious the future

We are the disciples of curiosity

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