The Most Late Submission EVER …. REALITY #50 #cong23 #reality


Humanness is reality. We can’t escape reality being human!

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Key Takeaways:

  1. How much do family bring you to present time?
  2. What is reality?
  3. Humanness = Reality
  4. What’s your reality? RIGHT NOW

About Ginger Aarons:

Ginger is the founder of Time Travel, LLC … often called Time Travel Tours. She offers bespoke travel to Ireland & The British Isles. Also offering personal, bespoke requests for family genealogies. Passionate about what she does by offering a way to learn while you travel, introducing the best of the best in Ireland in what they do, offer and teach with common philosophies, ethics and goals for the world. She is also a travel and foodie writer for several magazines and online magazines. Often referred to as the one that knows everyone, she is a connector and one that is always making a connection for someone, because to her, that is what it’s all about.

Originally from South of the Mason-Dixon Line, and after 30 years, she has become an all-around Portland girl that loves the fact that she gets to live and work in two of the best places in the world, the Pacific Northwest and Ireland … what could possibly be better?

Lover of music (it DOES make the world go ’round.. not money), a supporter of the arts, do-gooder, Masterpiece Theater watcher since the age of 12, a supporter of the historic house, genealogy nut and avid antique collector..

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By Ginger Aarons

I’ve struggled lately to try to finite my expression of REALITY when it changes every day. We are faced with unprecedented changes and challenges to our everyday reality. But when we get quiet, it is just that … what we have reality on in the present time is humanness. At its finest. At its FINITE. HUMAN EXISTENCE … is what reality is at present.

Early in my career, I worked with a group of Scientologist that challenged the reality of any given situation. What was your reality and what did you experience. Was it real, how did you feel, and could you experience it again? Reality was just that, what was real. A small quirk of the cult that could be honed into everyday life. It gave you a clear agenda on life. What is reality? PRESENT TIME. In the words of Sammy Hagar … RIGHT NOW. THERE’S NO TOMORROW, RIGHT NOW MEANS EVERYTHING.

As I have struggled to identify the reality of today in the world view, I hone mostly into X. It seems to be the most real, right about now, up to date information from those on the ‘street´, but are they? I questioned last night’s rampage (looting) of Dublin and the footsteps it has followed from my own hometown of Portland, getting caught up in the next protest, riot, or good thing to protest when it all comes down to reality, and that is to humankind. We are all human, wanting the same things of family, close friends, companions, community. We all strive to be a part of reality and when we are not, there is no base of reality. Everything is at a whim. We need the reality of belonging. It gives a foundation to build upon.

Tonight, I watched a movie called Ruby Rossi. Independent film about a girl that could hear but the rest of her family couldn’t … what better dictation of reality is there? She can hear and her family can’t. They can’t relate, they can’t feel what she feels because they can’t hear what she is hearing. She can’t experience deafness because she can hear. Reality is very different, even though we are all side to side, space in space, face to face, arm to arm, brother to brother, sister to sister …. and so, reality in some form must communicate what is important to all of us, and that is of humanity. Inclusiveness and in relation to each other in a very human sense. We all relate and have reality as humans, living in very different times. But still, human. That is all. No matter what, we are human. And that makes us all relatable. Reality. What are you waiting for?

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