Reality Explored: Truth, Nature, and the Diversity of Perspectives #49 #cong23 #reality


The article delves into discerning truth amid distortions, advocating nature for authenticity and acknowledging human skepticism. It introduces faith’s role in shaping perceptions, affirming individual power in constructing diverse realities.

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Struggle to discern truth in a world of falsehoods.
  2. Grounding in nature for an authentic connection.
  3. Introducing faith’s role in shaping perceptions.
  4. Embracing diversity and happiness in varied perspectives

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By Cathy McMahon

Reality to me is trying to live in the now, to live in the real world rather than the world that is perceived around us. Our world seems to be normal for so many people and others so messed up because of falsities and untruths. Some people see the Reality, and some don’t. The Reality -the difficulties of living in my world is to try to figure out what is true and untrue.

I find myself yearning to be grounded every day and try spending more time in nature and the unspoilt things in life which were given to us, free to enjoy through nature.  The joy of the reality around us is so beautiful and a gift from our creator. You are told things and see photos but you yourself must decide is this really the reality I am living in.

Humans are all doubting Thomas’s! It is human nature.  We must see and feel to really believe. That is where faith comes into the equation, whether it is faith in believing in Jesus Christ or the weather man we see on our tv screens. We all must ask ourselves; do we believe and is it real?

We must make up our own reality and how we do that is up to every individual. Everyone’s reality is different. That is the happiness and diversity of living in this amazing, complicated world.

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