Manners in a 3.0 Society – Freedom or Slavery? #17 #cong20


A view of the society we are currently living through and in and the lack of allowing humans to be human in their own right. The chance to be human and all that entails with the human condition. A conversation starter on where we are headed in Society 3.0 and cautionary tale of slavery.

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Are Manners a thing of the past?
  2.  Big Tech and Censorship of the masses and the individual thought
  3. Are you stuck in your color, race, or creed?
  4. Freedom of speech and basic human needs and rights.

About Ginger Aarons

 Ginger is the founder of Time Travel, LLC … often called Time Travel Tours. She offers bespoke travel to Ireland & The British Isles. Also offering personal, bespoke requests for family genealogies. Passionate about what she does by offering a way to learn while you travel, introducing the best of the best in Ireland in what they do, offer and teach with common philosophies, ethics and goals for the world. She is also a travel and foodie writer for several magazines and online magazines. Often referred to as the one that knows everyone, she is a connector and one that is always making a connection for someone, because to her, that is what it’s all about.

Originally from South of the Mason Dixon Line, and after 30 years, she has become an all-around Portland girl that loves the fact that she gets to live and work in two of the best places in the world, the Pacific Northwest and Ireland … what could possibly be better?

Lover of music (it DOES make the world go ’round.. not money), a supporter of the arts, do-gooder, Masterpiece Theater watcher since the age of 12, a supporter of the historic house, genealogy nut and avid antique collector..

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By Ginger Aarons.

Being an American, I have watched our Society change drastically over the past four years. Some would like to blame Trump for the change, but it is was always just below the surface. The in your face, take it or leave it attitude that so many have decided is ruining our society on a global scale. But as we gain our voices in this space, we have forgotten our manners and have taken on the persona that we so hate, and therein lies the problem as I see it. We have become a cancel culture all across the globe. Not just in America, but also here in Ireland. I have witnessed my work colleagues, people I rely on and trust, put down the American point of view, the Trump point of view, the Black point of view, the Republican point of view, and even for some the Democratic point of view. Cancel America. All of these things bordering on the destruction of democracy and free speech. As we fight our way through our raw ideas, thoughts, and blatant disregard for each other’s feelings, free thought, and way of life, we have simply forgotten that this is what we fought for, freedom to have these thoughts, speech, and conversations. American’s fought this war with Britain over 350 years ago. We paid in blood and we fought in blood to the detriment of other nations at times. The same happened in Ireland and all over the world for different ‘causes’ but all lead back to the freedom of speech. The right to be wrong. The right to stand against tyranny and the right to basic human needs. Some would argue that the ‘Rights’ are not really there. We don’t have a ‘right’ to anything other than to earn the right to freedom.

As we travel through this new space, we must start again. We must start to realize that everyone has the right to their thoughts and speech without retribution of the masses. Or retribution of your partner, best friend, and work colleagues. I for one, want to learn from others and why they think the way they do. We must put everything back in perspective before we lose the very thing we want the most, Freedom. That is FREEDOM with capitals. We are on the brink of losing it!

In Society 3.0 we have a chance to reverse the rhetoric every day. With every conversation we have, be it the ones we start or are brought into. A couple of months ago when we were in the early days of BLM protests, I entered into a Twitter feed where I asked a well-known Black reporter whom I had followed and respected for over 10 years about his thoughts on the matter. Instead of a conversation, I was met with my ‘white privilege’ was ruining the world. After 100’s of Twitter bots getting into the mix and a few Twitter friends, I unfollowed him. Because he was Black? No, because he lacked the respect of a fellow human being to have a conversation and to learn from each other. We have a choice to engage fully in being human. We are not a race, color, or creed. We are human. Our chance to change the rhetoric is waning. As we get ever closer to the nanny state, the censorship by big tech giants such as Twitter, Google, and Facebook and our governments, we stand no chance against them if we are acting the same way towards our fellow man. It is time to change the conversation on Society 3.0. Choice is king and to choose life and understanding of the human condition, no matter what your walk in life is, or what color your skin is, is going to make or break us. For once, I am afraid that we have lost the plot as we say here in Ireland. We need to make a conscious effort to afford everyone their opinion and their thought processes to be engaged healthily. To have a voice, no matter how big or small. The consequences of not acknowledging these differences and the freedom to be different are slavery.

What is your choice? Mine is Freedom.

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