You are not Alone in Your Loneliness #59 #cong19


The spinning mind of teenager Caoimhe May is back again giving yet another twist on a subject deeply involved in mental health and how we approach and interpret subjects like these. This time she speaks about Loneliness, and how really we are all a big community of lonely people in a lonely world. But that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. We are never alone in our Loneliness.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Finding the beauty in being alone can be one of the best lessons you can teach yourself, and others.
  2. Learn to enjoy your own company. Not only will you like yourself better, but others will like you better too. And even if they don’t, the unnecessary desire for people to like you will no longer plaque you as before, so long as you are happy with yourself.
  3. You are your own best friend, so you might as well learn to get on.
  4. No matter how lonely you are, be it the absence of people or feeling lonely in the middle of a crowd, you are never truly alone.

About Caoimhe O'Rourke:

Caoimhe May (Pronounced Queeva/Kweeva May) is a teenager from County Galway, Ireland.  She is a writer of Poems, speeches, short stories and unseen work.
She openly suffers from severe anxiety and depression and openly speaks about her mental health issues in order to raise awareness and end the stigma and embarassment around all mental illnesses.
Caoimhe May is also an avid and actively speaking feminists and is extremely passionate about equality for every type of person on the planet.
She believes strongly in standing up for what you believe in, being resilient, being powerful while empowering others, and the journey of recovery and self love.
Caoimhe has been reading and writing all her life, and had a children’s book published when she was twelve that she had written at eight years old.
Caoimhe May is a secondary school student and so she finds it hard to find time to apply to events or speeches but would speak in front of crowd about what she believes in every day if she could.
She wants to go into public speaking, the media and performance arts when she leaves school and any leeways anyone may have of getting her there would be immensely appreciated!
She is also available to do readings and poem performances for any event.  Caoimhe also promises to make a difference in the world for the better, be it big or small.  And she does not break promises.

Contacting Caoimhe O'Rourke:

You can reach Caoimhe by email or follow her on Twitter or Instagram.

By Caoimhe O’Rourke

Click below to hear Caoimhe’s narration of her #cong19 submission.

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