What does a Future Worth Living into Look Like? #34 #cong20


Currently living with the following questions:
1. how can we make Covid the opportunity for societal change?
2. what if we could reimagine our society?
3. how can we engage all society to co-create values for Ireland in this century?
4. what would a future worth living into look like?

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Key Takeaways:

  1. What if we put wellness and climate justice at the heart of Ireland?

  2. If everyone looks like you where you are working, speaking, networking, learning, playing, showing up – name it, diversify your space

  3. How do we dream our future together and create a future worth living into? 

About Roisin Markham:

 I help dreamers create the future.

Futurist, designer, innovation catalyst, educator & facilitator, artist and technologist – I co-own an innovation & management consultancy business.
I live beside the sea in semi rural Wexford with my husband & our three sons.
We have chosen to stay living in Ireland.
Currently making space for emerging Irish Doughnut Economics Network #IDEN, Design Thinking, circular economy and SDG’s & mentoring founders who are changing the world.

Contacting Roisin Markham:

You can contact Roisin on Twitter, Instagram, LinkTree or via her blog.

By Roisin Markham

Apparently I have only questions… looking forward to opening up & discussing them with others @ CONG 2020.

Series of blog posts:
1. Personal framing
2. Ireland, looking over my shoulder – a poem
3. What’s on your values list for Society 3.0?
4. My Society 3.0 value list (coming soon)
5. How do we dream our future together? (coming soon)

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