There is nothing more powerful than a person who found their IDEA.… #57 #cong18


Ideas coming together is a fantastic thing and I am part of the idea-fest that is called blockchain.  Last year I discovered the transformative nature of the technology underpinning cryptocurrencies. Since then I have travelled the world talking and meeting people in this industry who are going to change the world for the better – I want to share these ideas, these people and their projects.

4 Key Takeaways:

  1. Ideas are age agnostic
  2. Ideas are gender agnostic
  3. Ideas are privilege agnostic
  4. Blockchain is a big bag of ideas that is humanity positive

About Jillian Godsil:

Blockchain Advocate, Founder, Conference Chair, Women in Blockchain Advocate, Keynote Speaker, Crypto Journalist, Broadcaster, CEO, Writer, Homelessness Advocate, Former European Parliament Candidate, Law Changer, Mother, Choir Member, Hill Walker, Dreamer

Jillian has held senior positions with global PR companies in Sydney, Singapore, London and Dublin. She was PRO of Iona Technologies (Ireland’s first company to float on NASDAQ). She changed the law in Ireland in 2014 and is a former European Parliamentary candidate (as an independent).  She is a co founder and journalist in the She freelances for Irish Tech News, Irish Central, The Irish Independent and The Irish Times. She has her own radio shows on DublinCityFM and EastCoastFM. Her first job after graduating from Trinity College was as a systems analyst with JP Morgan.   She is advisor to a number of ICOs, has been named a Crypto Queen by In Zero Conferences as well as listed in the 50 most influential women in the global blockchain rollcall. She is named amongst the top 10 people in Blockchain in Ireland. She was voted into the top 20 global Hedera Hashgraph Ambassadors in 2018.   She is a board member of the US Blockchain Association and of EOS Dublin. She is CEO of Blocknubie.  She keynotes and chairs blockchain events around the world – including Kiev, Austin, Muscat, Columbo, Dublin and London.  She is shortlisted for the Image Business Woman of the year and the Woman of the Year for Women in IT – results will be known by #cong18.

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By Jillian Godsil

When you have your back against the wall then you have two choices – you either stay put and basically surrender or you fight back. But what happens if there is more than one wall, more than one back in place? Do you lose your enthusiasm with each successive knockback?

From the freefall into financial despair (see Irish Times article) I tried to get back on track any number of times. First of all I wrote about hitting rock bottom several times (I didn’t know before I started this journey that rock bottom could be plural with each bottom worse than the rest. No one tells you these things.

Then when the corner was looming, about a decade into my journey, as opposed to the next rock bottom signalling its arrival, I began to get excited. I began to think that my recovery would be as dramatic as my fall. Oh again, the things they never tell us. A fall from grace may well be just that – a fall. But a recovery may have the slowness and timidity of a wretched urchin selling matches.

New ideas presented themselves to me. First the novel way of writing erotica to save my home. I MC’d a book launch for Eamonn Carr and Olaf  Tyaransen and Eamonn tweeted this afterwards using adjectives like irrepressible to describe my ambitions. Of course this was in the light of 50 Shades and I knew without doubt it would work. A trilogy later and some great reviews, some very saucy offers and some raised eyebrows but my coffers were not any fuller than before.

Next up football, league of Ireland to be precise. I thought this could be my new calling. I fancied myself an Irish version of Delia Smith, Karran Brady or Susan Whelan. I discovered the fanatical love of the sport by the fans and also the weird thing that is League of Ireland – cultish and unpredictable. In Bray Wanderers’ case it was to get even weirder with then management aligning itself to North Korea., I also discovered that football journalists read erotica too.

Who knew?

There was a period after sex and football when my life was very fallow. I was pottering along, not expecting very much, not quite waiting for my OAP free travel pass but not also expecting things to get much better. I just was.

Then blockchain came and found me and I knew this time it was the one. It has been a love affair of tremendous passion and energy. It has taken me all over the world to meet with most intelligent, fired up, caring individuals I have ever met. This is the idea that found me. This is the idea that I now run with. I have committed my troth and this idea will take me to the end of time.

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