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Realising purpose, do I have a purpose ? has to be the one of the most commonly asked question . I talk about me and how I discovered my purpose. I’ve attempted to get as many cliches into one piece as I could .

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Purpose
  2. Look inward
  3. Realisation
  4. Just be

About Hassan Dabbagh

I am an Educational Technologist who has extensive experience working with teachers on an individual and whole school basis. I enable teachers to get the best from the technology they have available to them which allows them to enhance their teaching in new and inventive ways.

I am a keen interest in using technology in conjunction with his Maker skills to create projects utilising electronics, computers and PCBs to build activities for all ages.

Dad of two and living life and loving and loving the music

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You can reach Hassan by email or search for him in the internet ….. he is the other one


By Hassan Dabbagh

What I do? What’s my purpose ? What is purpose ? Why does this one word send me into a spin? Do I have a purpose ? It’s this last question that keeps me awake at night.

In order to answer all these questions I can only look inward, you can’t change the world looking outward change comes from within. JESUS… three lines in and I’m talking about changing the world….. such notions .

I’m an educational technologist, I want to reinvent the classroom as a learning space, That’s my purpose , I also love being an I.T. Trainer because it gives me such joy showing someone how to do something, better again, when I see them trying out the new skill that they’ve learned and succeeding it gives my brain that endorphin hit that it craves so much… but only enough to say….. “do it again and I’ll give you more”

It wasn’t always like this, for a long time I had no sense of purpose no sense of being, what am I here to do and thats because purpose doesn’t just drop like a Netflix series, it doesn’t just land in your inbox purpose is realised over time and is the combination of all of your life experiences, it’s about all the decisions you’ve made to get to this point.

Purpose is realised without realising it, it’s something that happens over time and one morning you wake up happy that you’re doing something you love doing, you then ask yourself “when did this happen?” And by the way ……. EVERYBODY wakes up tired/ sleepy OR grumpy . ( just sayin’!) The issue is If you find your alarm clock going off in the morning makes you deeply unhappy OR going to work is making you sick then you will never find your purpose *, how can you if your unhappy, you’ll only realise your purpose if you’re doing something you love. What do you love doing? What is the only thing you would love to do FOREVER then go off and learn how to be the best at it, it won’t give you purpose but it will point in the right direction.

Now that you have purpose, what’s next? World domination ? Turn that startup into a “Stripe” Or “PayPal” the answer isn’t that straight forward, having purpose doesn’t mean you have all the answers it just means your ship is pointing in the right direction, having a clear purpose and clear goals and dreams will help your drive, people with drive and no purpose find themselves often going around in circles asking “how did I end up succeeding in another job that I hate?”
Some over achievers tend to find themselves in jobs that we are good at but we hate! Never let your job try and outline your purpose for you.

Lets see if I can finish off this with as many cliches as possible, having a purpose is finding your gift, that one thing your amazing at and sharing it with the world, maybe even turning it into a job, if you’re waking up every morning and you love what you do then I think you’re on the right track and if you’re reading this and still don’t know what your purpose is then not to worry, it will come, find things you love doing, find time for you! Be happy just the way you are, do things because they’re right not because others say so . Just Be!

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