My Business Partner Is 57 and doesn’t understand me #60 #cong18


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By Sean Walsh

My Business Partner Is 57 and doesn’t understand me.

…except for that he does.

Mid 2018 I met with serial entrepreneur Eamonn Maguire at a Starbucks in Dublin city. I had spent a lot of time in this particular store during the summer hammering away at a laptop building sales funnels and drop shipping from China. Ironically, I don’t actually even like hot drinks. So that was a daily challenge.

My coffee shop soundtrack consisted of old white dudes in suits to first time founders who claim to have the next BIG thing. Note to the resident start up entrepreneurs of Cardiff Lane. Your Barista is not a venture capitalist and probably doesn’t care about your app. But I do! (So email me. #alwaysplug)

I met with Eamonn there to learn about his world and discuss working together. Eamonn had spent time working with television, managing talent and ran businesses across a variety of verticals. I was simply a 25 year old kid who understood the internet. I had put together a production team earlier in the year and chased his client, Keith Barry in pursuit of managing his social media. After capturing content from time on the road and tripling his Instagram following within 6 months, Eamonn was intrigued.

The old media meets the new. This meeting shouldn’t have made sense. Our worlds are completely opposite but somehow it did. What was the single variable that brought us together?


To me, the power of ideas, is not in what you say but what you’re listening to. Validating my thoughts through an adult in the room taught me that there was as much value in mapping trajectory to discovering an idea was totally useless and moving on. As creators and entrepreneurs, I think we can get carried away with ourselves at a very early stage. Contrary to what many may think, I truly believe it’s possible to have your cake and eat it too. It’s important to have passion in what you do. But sometime’s it’s as important to remove emotion, find accountability and execute.

“If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started by a mouse.” – Walt Disney

Today, with Eamonn, I’m building a company based on ideas. Before you say it – Yes, I understand practicality, revenue, product / market fit and keeping the damn lights on. Blah blah blah. I get it. I just don’t think working through P&L sheets at 4am is doing anything for my business. Want to know about Profit and Loss?

Made a Profit? Cool, keep working on it. Made a loss? Cool, keep working on it.

Finding an adult in the room allows me to focus on what gets me paid. I’m an ideas guy not an accountant. Right now I’ve got an animated show, clothing deal and music project all in preproduction.

I helped raise 8 figures for Irelands first cryptocurrency and manage a platform with 400,000 users remotely. I couldn’t do any of this if I had my head stuck in paperwork. I bring ideas to customers. It’s called market making. If I get that right, all of that other shit seems to fall in line.

Walt Disney wasn’t afraid of ideas and look how that turned out. Ideas brought my team together and are the single thing that bring my businesses forward.

Long live the Idea.

  • GIllian, if you’re serious about sharing a battered cod, I’ll meet you in The Crowe’s Nest to see if they can slap one into the deep fry.

  • Aoife Keady says:

    I think your absolutely right Sean, all too often people spend time trying to do the jobs they lack skills in which results in not only a decline in satisfaction but often they can only do these jobs to a low/average standard which represents them badly.

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