Ideas are the true food for life, challenge them, embrace them, pursue them #80 #cong18


Ideas are the true food for life, challenge them, embrace them, pursue them.

4 Key Takeaways:

  1. Our ideas are like a piece of art, no one else may see what you see.
  2. Be grateful for every life experience, both positive and negative, as these experiences will give you the greatest depth of ideas.
  3. Every meaningful idea you explore will create new experiences which are all building blocks to every great idea which follows.
  4. Contentment with your ideas and what you have achieved is the biggest challenge of all.

About Brendan Reddin:

Substantial Commercial and Corporate Banking experience specifically working with large corporates and small SME’s who experienced financial difficulties. Roles involved carrying out in depth financial analysis of the aforementioned businesses and identifying and implementing strategic changes. Keen interest in the food, beverage and travel industry and experience all 3 as much as time allows. Co-Founder of a new drinks brand with a unique Irish aspect and actively working to grow same.

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By Brendan Reddin

What makes a good idea one might ask, is it good if it satisfies a specific genuine need, or can a good idea be equally as impactful if it captures your imagination and allows you to experience a moment of happiness, a moment of joy. Do all ideas need a tangible outcome, or could you argue that the best ideas bring happiness into the lives of people who are captured by the idea. The thought of an idea, implementation of said idea and the experience associated with such an idea are unique to each and every individual. Each and every one of us experience a completely unique journey through life, and it is the unique challenges we face that give us the greatest depth of idea and gives us the strength to pursue our ideas. Often the greater personal challenges one faces, the more resolve and commitment they can show to their ideas, and the prospect of failure although always present, becomes reduced in value as this fear is the lesser of the personal challenges they may have previously encountered.

There are many ideas I have had throughout my career, my travels and my life and I always believed that one wonderfully successful idea would bring me happiness and contentment, but now I don’t believe that to be so. I believe our ideas are a tapestry of our life, a collection of our interests and experiences, our interactions with others whether we deem them positively or negatively, it is a culmination of everything we have experienced up to and including our current being, our current selves, and each idea is pitched against said experiences and the reference points we have stored, both academically and socially. For an idea to be successful it needs to appeal in part to people who share our values, interests and beliefs, they need to understand our reasoning, our vision and our passion. Once they understand the aforementioned they will invariably join you on your journey and commend your determination to bring your idea to life. They will find joy in understanding the mechanics of your idea and the personal journey you have taken to make the idea a reality. However, for many people your idea may be supercilious, unnecessary and uninspiring, an idea that does not capture their attention or create an emotive response for them, but this should never reflect negatively on the idea you wish to express. It is an important lesson, that all people are different with different ideals and tastes, and believing that your idea will one day impress all who encounter it is the first true failing of ones idea. To be happy knowing that your idea will bring joy to many but not to all is the single best lesson to learn and to always be mindful of. Joy and contentment are derived from positive experiences and the joy of others. However, it is important to remember that negative experiences are always necessary to ensure we appreciate each and every positive experience with gratitude.

Contentment is the idea that one day in the far distant future we will have received sufficient personal and monetary gratification for the culmination of all our ideas, business and personal, but the idea of contentment is invariably the one which alludes us all. It is the continuous reach for happiness driven primarily by our ideas, ideas for more, for greater, for bigger, for grander, but it is these ideas we need to challenge daily and view with perspective. True contentment is the only idea we should evaluate daily, and to be content with the idea of our ideas, and what we have achieved to date, and what we will achieve in our futures.

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