How to cook ideas in the furnace of craic! #82 #cong18


How to cook ideas in the furnace of craic!    Go mad having a bit of craic, and whoops … you just had a valuable idea!?

4 Key Takeaways:

  1. Having fun is the best way to start something, because it’s ultimately more sustainable.
  2. Subconcsciously, while having fun, you’ll probably unlock some interesting ideas.
  3. Flow states start best with play.
  4. Don’t ponder too much on the why, unless you’re simply validating the ‘Play’ state

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CEO of Newby Chinese, Drove to Mongolia, rescued a twin-exhaust, rocket powered wheelbarrow of a soviet sidecar from a freezing steppe. Would have a go at any language on the planet.  Never wrestled a bear!

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