Can ignorance save your idea? #64 #cong18


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4 Key Takeaways:

  1. Brain dump, on day one, everything ‘around’ your new idea. You will need it, because from tomorrow you will be “damaged goods”
  2. A certain amount of ignorance is a good for early stage idea development
  3. Observe yourself when handling or dismissing your own ideas
  4. Believe that, for ideas, the road will be built as you start to walk in that direction

About Michael Fitzgerald:

CEO and Founder of OnePageCRM.  NUIG graduate with an Engineering Degree, Michael has also worked as a Sport Science Technologist to Olympic Athletes, and in Medical device product design before venturing into the world of code.

Michael went back to college to study product design and mechanical engineering and worked as a product designer for SRAM Inc. He was headhunted as an inventor for Slendertone BMR Ltd. and from there started a software company. He set up his own software business, specialising in e-Commerce systems. It was here that he was unable to find a focused sales solution to grow his client base, leading him to sketch out a design for a sales focused CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

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By Michael Fitzgerald

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