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Somehow Purpose has been hijacked by ‘Higher’ but what about living a flaneuring life in search of nothing more but beauty and love. Is having a ‘higher’ Purpose essentially ego-driven and what of the noble dignity of stewardship and love?

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Key Takeaways:

  1. You don’t need a burning bush
  2. What about the flaneur/flaneuse? Is anything really without purpose? Who decides what’s ‘worthy’?
  3. There’s greatness in the ordinary life of love and stewardship
  4. Our quest for ‘more’ for ‘greatness’ may well have caused the imbalance in the world… Maybe if we’d stuck to the ordinary lives lived helping and healing what is within in the concentric circles of where we are…

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Flaneuse, Artist, Non-Techie Techie, Happy Imposter
10th year of Cong and next year will be my 50th of life. Cong is my Christmas gift to myself every year.

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By Joan Mulvihill

Mark Twain – The two most important days of our lives are the day we are born and the day we find out why – Why am I here? What is my purpose?

The idea an epiphanic day, a burning bush, getting the call, some out of body experience when I realise that my life is to serve some greater purpose than my own self-indulgence… What if I never have such a moment? What if I never find my purpose?

What if I just flaneur my way through life – that casual way of wandering without any apparent sense of direction or purpose while being secretly attuned to it all in subconscious searching for nothing more than beauty, adventure, love? Could that be enough? Is just being alive to the beauty of it all enough?

What is the purpose of such an ordinary life – one with no greater purpose than to live, be, do our best to love within the tight concentric circles that ripple out from where we are.

I know such a man – he lived an ordinary life of love in the stewardship of his square miles. Is there a greater nobility and dignity than the necessary setting aside of all ego for the purpose of stewardship? You see stewardship to me is an acknowledgement that we don’t really ‘own’ anything, we are just part of the grand continuum. I think it requires an acceptance of our smallness on the earth in the context of all the universe and the brevity of our time on the earth in the context of the infinity of it at all.

Is there a higher purpose, a greater noble cause than to find love, appreciate its simple but rich value and to protect it in that place where we are?

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