Why Don’t We Question the Status Quo? #31 #cong20


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Key Takeaways:

  1. Question your reality.
  2. Understand your local government.
  3. Think about what you hear and see locally.
  4. Let’s build great employment opportunities with more than the bottom line as the deciding factor.

About Emma Burns:

 Northern Irish and all of the messed up that involves, moved to Spain to see if that helped…. it did.

Accidentally moved to France thinking that was the next logical step, it took 7 years to recover from that but polished off the language so decided a new challenge was in order.

Italy was next and it took 4 years to realise that there was no place like home. I now live three doors from my parents and love living in the North West of Ireland.

Oh and up until recently had the best job in the world introducing visitors from all over the globe to Ireland and Scotland.

Contacting Emma Burns:

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By Emma Burns

I heard today on the radio that the estate of the Beatles was given £50.6 million last year in royalties. Each of the Beatles received over £6million a head from the proceeds.

Where did this money come from? What happened to the other half of the “income”.

Structurally we don’t understand what we hear on the radio and are discouraged from asking why and where.

Do the families of the Beatles need the money? What good could be done with money from sources like this to support young artists and encourage new voices from disadvantaged backgrounds making a living (not a fortune) from the arts.

Why are we focussed on making a fortune?

Do you remember when Roses and Quality Street were £25 a tin? At a time when families spent that amount for a week’s groceries or even rent. And they were a huge treat to have the expanse of choice once a year. Now the tins are on offer for £5, the workers are on zero hour contracts, the farmers are not being paid a fair price for cocoa, sugar or nuts and we have an obesity crisis. Could we return to fair working wages for manual workers and pensions which reward the loyalty to a company built up over years of service.

This morning it was the head of the National Trust on the radio. She earns £190,000 per annum. I visit the Giant’s Causeway regularly for work. Lily (not her real name) in the café has worked there for almost 20 years. All of the café staff are today on zero hour contracts and have to reapply to the agency who actually employs them every season. The Giant’s Causeway visitor centre far exceeds the number it was built to handle. This is the busiest NT property in the whole of the UK but Lily has been unable to access finance for a mortgage, car loan etc. since her old NT part time seasonal contract paid over 12 months was changed. Why are the NT permitted to extract the money willingly spent by visitors to our coastline and used to abuse their local staff and disenfranchise the local area.

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