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The C word has taken over 2020.  But not the one you are thinking of.

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Key Takeaways:


Key Takeaways:

  1. Recognise the shared future we have
  2. Acknowledge the work that needs to be done
  3. Focus a little bit more on the Horizon
  4. That Horizon is us

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By Alan Costello

Hiya. Howaya Congregation,
We need to talk about that thing. The C word. It has been all over the news this year. We’ll never forget 2020. It has pulled people apart. It has pushed people together. We have all become experts this year in social distancing, in hygiene, in awareness of our sometimes fragility.
You, know. The C Word.
No, not that one, not Covid.

The other C words that we should be more aware of this year:

  • Community
  • Collaboration
  • Consciousness
  • Country
  • Connection
  • Civilisation

These are the more important C words for today and for our near and further futures.
Community: When you see the local GAA club volunteering to do shopping for Cocooners (another important C that snuck in there), or Neighbours spending socially distant time linking with each other, thats Community

Collaboration: The simple adherence to guidelines, to support our frontline staffers, the support from corporate leaders to their teams to deliver a changing distributed workforce, thats Collaboration. (spot the sneaky c in there – Change..)

Consciousness: Think for a moment, how your life changed this year, where you had more time, space and capability to be thoughtful and self analytical. Realising that the commute and the time with family had unheralded value. (you know the drill now, lots more Cs!)

Country: This year we saw units as large as nation states falter and rise again, deliver new forms of civil change and historic partnerships being formed. Our Countries Governments are the under appreciated hand that support public health and wellbeing and we best not forget their role.

Connection: That feeling you have when you join with someone on a human, emotional or intellectual level, when you add or receive value from another, gather those moments for yourself and those around you. Connection is a process, a journey, or a bridge – it needs a place to begin and to go to.

Civilisation: In 2020, we inhabitants of this village, county, country, continent and world received a sharp awakening as to the global nature of the challenges in front of us. We have also Connected, Collaborated, Communed and been conscious together like never before. Lets try not to lose that again.

Too many C words, too important to do slight justice – Context, Containment, Challenges. I cant go further

Yes I can
I must
One final C
Let you never lose sight, Dear Ireland


For ever Yours

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