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About David Gluckman:

 David Gluckman was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa on 1st November 1938, the day that Sea Biscuit and War Admiral fought out the Race of the Century at Pimlico Park, Baltimore.  Educated in Johannesburg, he joined a local advertising agency after university and soon fell in love with business. He made the pilgrimage to London in 1961 and worked as an account executive on the introduction of Kerrygold butter into the UK.  Always a frustrated creative, he escaped into brand development in 1969, met a man from a drinks company called IDV, and his life changed forever. A lover of cricket, he considers his greatest achievement bowling the West Indian legend, Joel Garner, first ball in a pro-am 6-a-side tournament.

In 1973 David invented Baileys, the world’s most successful cream liqueur, which has since sold over 1.25 billion bottles.

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You can connect with David on LinkedIn or see his book ‘That Sh*t Will Never Sell’

By David Gluckman

I will not pretend to be able to foresee the future or predict the way that ‘civilisation as we know it’ will lurch into the next millennium.

But I know how I’d like to change things now, going into the next decades of the 21stcentury.

Look at this. And gape with disbelief.

“On Thursday night in Montgomery, Tommy Tuberville told his supporters about the sterling military record of his father, an American G.I. who landed on Normandy Beach in D-Day and drove a tank across western Europe, earning five bronze stars and a Purple Heart at the Battle of the Bulge during his deployment.

Despite being of an age at which American men pick up military history as if by osmosis, Tuberville did not seem familiar with the politics of the European theater: In his speech, the new senator described how his father took part in “liberating Paris from socialism and communism.”

Now Tommy, despite his potato-head surname, has just become a person of substance.  He’s been elected to the US senate, as a Republican member for Alabama.

He is one of that elite group who is going to prevent Joe Biden and his team from unpicking some of the lunacy of the Trump administration.

If in the next two months, Trump declares the earth to be flat, it will pass in the US Senate, a group, one assumes, containing people of the same intellectual heft as Tommy Tuberville.

Here’s a simple formula for changing all that. Starting now.

  1. We should abolish party politics.  Elections should be about appointing local people who we believe will benefit our community.  They in turn, will band together with like-minded people, to determine what our laws should be and how we should progress as a society.  Your vote would be based on what you believe, not what your party or your leader tells you to believe.
  2. As a tribute to the senator from Alabama, we should introduce the ‘Tuberville Statute’ that requires all people standing for public office to undergo an IQ test. Scores under 120 need not apply. That would probably eliminate Tuberville, but it’s in a good cause.
  3. People running for office should be subjected to the same ‘Civic test’ as immigrants applying for citizenship of a country. This would definitely eliminate Tuberville.
  4. No person who will be over the age of 65 when their term of office expires, will be allowed to run for high political office. It’s time the elderly stopped running the world.  People mapping the future should have a future themselves.  Tuberville, I think, would qualify on age grounds.  But luckily for us, he’d fail the other tests.

The thought of some terminally ill, mentally deficient geriatric deciding that his time has come – so let’s take a billion others along for the ride – is too horrific to think about.  But it’s also not outside the bounds of possibility.

Well, that’s it.  My formula for a better world. Now.  Tuberville has finally pulled the plug on sanity.

Let’s make America, and everywhere else, sane again.

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