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The reality of tech jobs here for her – is a reality in which we are not utilising the full potential of our species.

During CV19, a surge in hiring in Ireland saw a huge increase in hiring him, with companies increasing their hiring from outside the EU by 80x and more, while in a study of 450 IT hires on LinkedIn, found only two women from the EU. So, this video contains real research data that you could not possibly know, comparing the loss of women in IT in the UK in the 1950’s & 60’s to Ireland during CV19. The UK Gender Pay Gap Bot – @PayGapApp is only an indicator of a time and status where the only thing that matters will be the reality of your results.
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Key Takeaways:

  1. CV19 disconnected Irish jobs in STEM from UK & EU talent.
  2. This had a huge impact on the levels of female talent hired.
  3. Measures to help CV19 hiring need to be re-examined for continued use.
  4. The status of ‘her’ in STEM jobs is obscured by awards, posts and events that hide the outcomes of reality.

About Sean Fay:

An immigrant, dyslexic entrepreneur, with all the charm of a young Steve Jobs, just much less success. I did post to Cong in 2016 that “The future of virtualisation in communication will reduce the constant need for the physical collocation of staff” – so was right then 😉 Now I am working with colleagues in Dublin & Ukraine (and with support from Google) on tech for hiring that does not leave so many behind. Widening the Gate, but not lowering the bar.

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