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Reality is the truest perception you are able to perceive in that moment.
In the sense that we commonly use, I would say that the reality of each person is formed by all the real perceptions (which I call the “real” reality) and all the false perceptions (which I call illusion) that they have from all their experiences. Both build the world view of each person and the way they feel and act through life.
This vision changes at every experience, because every experience resignifies and amplifies our perception of the Truth. So the more we live and are open to see, the more our reality expands, or in other words, more realities we can embrace.

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  1. . The absolute Truth is the summation of all possible realities and it belongs to the Transcendence, not accessible to human beings.
  2. Reality is a true take or perception of the absolute Truth, and it can modifies and amplifies the more we live, experience things, and are open to grow our awareness about ourselves and the world.
  3. Illusion is a false take or perception of the absolute Truth, but we can take it as our reality sometimes for a whole life, and although not aligned with our higher Truth, it’s part of it too and can be important for a while in the process of individuation and awareness.
  4. The best we human beings can do is try to amplify our perception every chance we have in order to be able to see more realities or a reality closer to the absolute Truth, so we have a vaster perspective. The Truth is probably formed by infinite, exponential and inclusive realities.

About Helena Angelini:

I was born in Brasil in 1981. I started my professional path studying Medicine . My father is a doctor and has a hospital in my city (Belo Horizonte -MG), so he encouraged me to be a doctor too. I was not sure but decided to do, planning to specialize in Psychiatry, since I’ve always been passionate about the human psyche. I studied a lot to be admitted, succeed and did it for 2 years, but then started to feel it was not for me. My world view, specially about spirituality and the interconnection between body and spirit, didn’t seem to have space there. Although everyone discouraged me to quit it after so much efforts, I was getting nauseas in my stomach when had to go to classes and understood that my body and soul was refusing to be there. I gathered the courage to leave, even knowing that my father would be upset with the decision. I just had to do it.

Months after I started Psychology and graduated in this course. I didn’t resonate with a lot of approaches that I studied in the university, but found the Jungian Psychology and started to study it on my own – since we saw very few things about his approach there. I read hundreds of books and kept trying to register and understand my dreams, a central point in Jungian Psychotherapy. Jung is open to the spiritual vision, and uses the artistic expression in the therapeutic process – which is why I felt a lot of affinity to him. In this meantime, I also learnt many complementary therapies – Reiki, Kinesiology, Naturopathy, Shiatsu Massage, Art Therapy, Sound Therapy & others. I was always a very curious spirit wanting to understand the universe and human being.

When I was 22 years old I discovered Ayahuasca. It was the most powerful experience in my life and I knew it would change me forever. I discovered that I had the ability to sing during a ceremony. In a moment, the plant literally brought out my voice, a voice that in the first moment I didn’t even recognize. It seemed like something that was stuck for years in my throat was suddenly removed, opening space for a clear, loud and beautiful sound. I realized that was a gift, and I should care and develop this gift. That’s when I decided to take singing classes.

My mother is a pianist and I played piano since I was very young, so music was ingrained in me, but I discovered the passion for singing just in this point. I started learning classical singing (Italian Arias, Operas), but as soon as I learnt the techniques I applied them to the songs that really touched me, the Celtic songs. I always felt affinity with Celtic culture, and somehow their art is very natural for me. But the Shamanic music also called me, so I was exploring both. I loved to improvise, just opening my mouth and letting sounds flow out of me, and realised how healing this was for me. I started to record some of these improvisations and that’s how my CD Hayeya! All Tribes with Evandro Lopes was born, a mix of electronic and tribal music. I decided to do a Celtic project too, which I named Celtic Seeds, recorded a CD and built a group to do presentations. We did many shows and Celtic weddings in São Paulo (Brasil), where I moved in 2011. Singing for me was always connected to healing, and I listened many times from people how transformed they felt after listening to me. But I wanted to connect even more my art and my healing, putting together both sides of me. At this point I had already completed a Sound Therapy course, but wanted to create something new, totally born from me. This was the origin of the work that I probably consider my biggest jewel: Living Singing – medicine music. I open myself to receive the sound that each chakra needs to be balanced and energized, combining my knowledge of these energy centers with my sensitivity as artist.

I was working as therapist and doing these celtic presentations in São Paulo, when I started to feel I needed to expand myself. In 2018 I felt it was the time to move to another country, something I had always dreamed about. I decided to move to a Celtic place, to be closer to this culture I love. I chose Ireland, and decided to come alone, with no acquaintances and no guarantees of work, literally following my dreams and my heart. I just felt it was my path, and trusted it. I arrived here with one bag and a temporary place to stay – all I had to rebuild my life. I started to work in a healing center in Galway, but as a new practitioner in Galway, I hadn’t enough clients, so I also went to show my art in the streets. It was a period full of learnings and beautiful experiences.

One year after I met my partner, and we decided to open a wellness center together – Emerald Wellness. He is a chiropractor and takes care of the physical part, and I take care of the psychological and energetic part – that’s how we integrate and address all human areas for complete health. We keep growing our center, I keep expanding my art learning celtic harp and celtic songs, and we now facilitate shamanic retreats, where I honor and put into practice everything that I learnt in these 19 years of Shamanism. Our next goal is to expand this healing to other countries all over the world, spreading our energy, passion and dedication for what we do. I have been living in Ireland for 4 years and I’m sure I took the right choice following my heart. I couldn’t be happier and more satisfied with life. Pure gratitude, happiness and love.

Contacting Helena Angelin:

You can see Helena’s work on Emerald Wellness, her personal site, Instagram Personal, Emerald Wellness and Celtic Seeds, check our  YouTube channel or send her an email.

By Helena Angelini

The absolute Truth is the summation of all possible realities and it belongs to the Transcendence, not accessible to human beings. We are limited by nature and, even making all efforts, it’s impossible for us to access the whole Truth about ourselves and the universe.

What I call Reality is the most accurate perception you have from the Truth. The more you live and experience things, the more you learn and expand this perception. I feel that the infinite inclusion of all kind of multiple and paradoxal perceptions is the closest path to the Truth. Something like: “This is a reality. This too. And this as well. All together at the same time”. Something close to the budist thought.

But what most people call reality is usually the sum of our realities and illusions, which are false perceptions of the Truth, although they are part of it. It can be difficult to understand, but let’s say that you had a history of feeling rejected by important people in your life. If someone that truly loves you tries to show it to you, although is true, you won’t believe it – you will believe in the false perception or illusion that they don’t love you. This is further from the Truth than the reality of the love they have, but is part of the multiple angles, narratives and possibilities that form the Truth. And somehow, our illusions play an important role for us, protecting us while we are not ready to see a bigger and deeper truth.

The best thing we human beings can do is try to amplify our perception every chance we have in order to be able to see more realities or a reality closer to the absolute Truth, so we have a vaster perspective of the universe.

For this, it’s very important to be able to break our crystallized perceptions, opinions and judgments about things. Be really open to see things in different perspectives, listen to different people, embrace different universes. Understanding that everyone will have a piece or a version of this absolute Truth, and the more you open yourself to include this version in your view the bigger you will be.

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