Reality is….#33 #cong23 #reality


Reality is what we experience, what we feel, what we see, what we hear, and read, and touch, and smell. It’s things we invent, manufacture and it’s under threat.

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Believe in reality.
  2. Accept that reality will be tough and not always pleasant.
  3. Make your reality a better one.
  4. Make other people’s reality a better one.

About Alan Tyrrell:

I’m like many people. I’m unlike lots of other people. Finding a pathway where I can. I multifail when I multitask [sometimes vice versa!]. I wear glasses. And try to keep them rose tinted. I really like music. But can’t hold a note. I’m curious. I really like #Cong. And I’ll be there this year again. It;s been a while. I’ll say hello. Say hello back.

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By Alan Tyrrell

Reality is…
Free speech.
Hate speech.
Donal Trump.
Donald Trump?
19 wars today.
Grab it.
Care for it.
Protect it.
Better it.
For them.
For Love.
For Peace.
For you.
For yours.
For mine.
For Humanity.
Because you can.

I have no idea where I am going… #46 #cong22


Our purpose includes the joy of finding a nugget that could solve a problem or the frustration that it then didn’t work. Or, it could be, simpler joys akin to finding a fiver in your pocket. So, I say that I still don’t know where I am going; how many of us really do?, but read the post to see a bit more.
But I believe that our purpose in life is

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Always rely on what you already know when making your way through life

  2. Always learn new things to replace or upgrade what you already know when making your way through life

  3. Never believe that your destination is your purpose

  4. Never lose sight of the joy in the journey

About Alan Tyrrell:

Alan Tyrrell – at work I’m a collaborator, a problem solver in corporate reputation, corporate purpose, vision, mission, values, and behaviours, and various other things. Outside of that, I’m still looking…read my post!

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By Alan Tyrrell

When I saw the theme for this year’s #Cong22, I was immediately enthused. ‘Made for me’, I thought.

I set about writing a piece on corporate purpose based on what I already knew from my work in helping clients with their corporate purpose, vision, mission, values, and behaviours. With lots of experience, I reckoned an informed piece on this topic would fit the bill.

But, as I researched, explored booklist, and read posts from fellow Congregationists, I realised that corporate purpose just wouldn’t cut it.

I started afresh on a new approach.

I really like music – though can’t hold a note, and looked into songs with Purpose in the name on Spotify. I reckoned a clever playlist would carry multiple messages and be a little different. I learned that there’s actually an artist called ‘Purpose’. He has 900 followers but every song fails the explicit content filter. So, no go.

Then I read some more, thought some more, gnashed my teeth.

I stumbled on some poetry. Number 72 from Palgrave’s Golden Treasury (expanded edt.). It’s very good. On topic, and I reckoned it could play a role. Alas, plagiarism ain’t my style, not to mention that I owed @eoin kennedy much more than a copycat piece. So, I was lost again.

This time, a full reboot. Grabbed the dictionary and looked up ‘purpose’. And also ‘purposeless’. Well worth doing. Just don’t read the N section of the dictionary – its full of next to nothing.

It did though point me in a direction. Back to home turf of corporate purpose. I took out Friedman’s keynote advising that the sole responsibility (or purpose) of business is to make profits. An interesting take but obviously only one facet of the reason for being for corporations. Then I went to Joan Margetta and ‘Understanding Michael Porter’. Understanding a behemoth like him had to be good for a piece on purpose. It turns out, it’s one of the best books on strategy I’ve read in a long time. It highlights the real tests of competitive advantage and why lofty statements about being ‘The best…’ at this or that, really do not make for a strategy.

Still unhappy and with my destination in mind, I went back to the well. And then my pursuit hit a spot of luck or divine guidance (you choose which). I fell into Rollo May’s ‘Man’s search for himself’. It opens by describing this modern age of anxiety and the listlessness and boredom felt by so many. [Note: check the publication date, this is not a ‘great resignation’ or ‘quiet quitting’ moment in time.]. And there, on page 67, he nails it when he says that “Joy, rather than happiness, is the goal of life, for joy is the emotion which accompanies our fulfilling our nature as human beings….”

When I reflected on that line, and my journey to write a short piece for #Cong22, I discovered a journey where I had known what I knew but also learned new things – songs, poets, strategists, prayers, and more. I realised too that joy had been my companion on the journey – the joy of finding a nugget that could work, but the frustration that it then didn’t work. Or simpler joys akin to finding a fiver in your pocket. So, yes, in one way, I still don’t know where I am going; how many of us really do?

But I believe that our purpose in life is to keep going; keep learning, keep looking; keep sharing; keep being.

That’s my take on ‘Purpose’ for #Cong22. Hope you enjoyed it. And looking forward to an epic event.

Ideas have legs….an ode to Cong #88 #cong18


Sometimes ideas get poetic

4 Key Takeaways:

  1. It’s not easy and ideas don’t just happen.
  2. It’s still not easy but that’s what makes ideation so addictive.
  3. Ideas need harsh treatment as well as support.
  4. Ideas cannot ever be just about money.

About Alan Tyrrell:

Alan is lots of things to lots of people and most of them are a mystery to him.

A problem solver and a crisis fixer, he is embedded in communication for his living and works with companies facing complex business challenges.

You can find him on Linked In and with global advisory firm, Teneo.

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By Alan Tyrrell

‘Ideas have legs’, I’ve often heard said

Some are short, some are long

Some are weak, others are strong

But whatever their length, whatever their strength

Ideas – old and new, must be tested not rested

Stretched and bent and twisted and pulled

Before alas being culled.

But culled ideas need know no shame,

Nor feelings of sorrow, nor weakness nor blame.

For they live bright burning lives

And can say at the end, ‘well, I tried’.

For trying, endeavour, not settling for less,

Are all part of the game when breaking new ground.

Crying, too, is not unknown,

In the wee small hours as you go it alone,

Pushing again into the great unknown.

And all pioneers of strange new ideas

Know fully the joy of this strange life.

The new facts and new figures;

Gut hunches and gut crunches,

New bits to add, old things to subtract.

The trepidation and fear, the perspiration and stress awaiting results from this one last test;

They know too well the complete lack of rest;

Living on beans yet still waking afresh;

And starting once more from the one that went wrong;

Before finally getting to hear that sweet song

The one that rings sweetly and loudly and strong “you’ve done it, you’ve made it, you were right all along”.

And that, dear friends, is my ode to the wonders of Cong.