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About Áine McManamon:

Áine is a digital marketing & social media enthusiast with a love for networking, both on and off-line. Instagram and Twitter (@SocialOnya) are her favorite platforms and she is an active user of Canva, a popular app for developing images for various social media platforms.

After travelling the country for numerous digital marketing & social media events, she saw the need for something similar in Mayo. Connecting with like-minded people, they worked together & founded DMM. Aine is still as passionate about the mission now as she was when it was first set up in 2015.

Having a background in events, advertising & marketing, she’s worked in various roles both here & in the US. Remote working has offered her various opportunities & she is always eager to up skill & develop new connections, which led her to joining the Womens Inspire Network.

Also finding time to be an active member of global network JCI (Junior Chamber International,  the leading global network of young active citizens, providing development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change), she was elected as 2020 JCI Mayo President. Here she enjoys working with multiple teams on various community & business projects, while developing personal development opportunities for members.

Contacting Áine McManamon:

You can follow Áine on Twitter, or Facebook (work and personal), email her or connect with her on LinkedIn.

By Áine McManamon

The problems of the world cannot possibly be solved by skeptics or cynics, whose horizons are limited by the obvious realities. We need men who can dream of things that never were, and ask why not.

John F. Kennedy

From reading through some of the submissions earlier this evening, it’s very clear that Society 3.0 is a complex topic that takes on a different meaning for each person, and I love that! Different perspectives lead to conversation, and conversation leads to new ideas and collaboration. While collaboration is something I’m passionate about, and it’s become more evident in society in recent years, today, I want to begin by bringing it back to basics.

So let’s start with the individual!

There are so many people both locally and globally, quietly transforming their communities and shaping the world that we all reside in today. People that are working to make society a better place for us all, whether it’s regarding gender equality, poverty, medical innovation, unemployment, government corruption, or climate change, the list goes on. The world is full of ordinary people, who want to improve not only their lives but the lives of everyone.

These ordinary people who create an extraordinary impact can be called the active citizens in our society.

An active citizen takes responsibility for local challenges, and sets out to find sustainable solutions. They develop the skills, knowledge and understanding that they need to acquire to be able to make a positive impact. The main goal is to improve the quality of life for people in society. And while one person can start a movement, to make a more effective & lasting impact, they need to collaborate with like-minded individuals.

Let’s take Mother Teresa, her impact went beyond a charity, it empowered others to serve humanity. Or Nelson Mandela, he didn’t just start a political revolution, he started a movement that inspired others after him to advocate for justice. Or most recently, Greta Thunburg, not just a young voice who leads by example, she has united people across all sectors of society to make a stand for climate change.

But we don’t have to go that far from home. Locally here in Mayo we have young active citizens who make a difference every day. Louisburg man, Padriac Rocliffe who founded Shine a Light, making a tremendous impact and helping the homeless in our society. Aaron Hannon, who has a human-centred approach to Medical innovation, and at a very young age started creating devices that really help people, these people could be your father, brother, wife, mother – everyday, ordinary people that we all know. Claremorris woman Laura Beston, who has been working tirelessly to raise awareness for those with disabilities, with a focus on mental health issues. I could go on.

We have so many individuals who create a sustainable impact on our society every day and that collaborate to make their impact bigger and better. They work to create a society for everyone, no matter who they are or what their circumstance.

This is a society I want to be a part of. Not one where money and greed rule. Or dictatorship is more powerful than the collective.

We have found ourselves in the middle of a pandemic and now more than ever we need to learn from it. Life as we know it has changed since March and yet people in our society complain about missing out on what they see as the norm, but if you look at a global picture, the norm for us is really a privilege..

As many of us are privileged, we don’t see the massive issues in our society, until they hit close to home. For the most part we have roofs over our heads, running water, heat. We don’t need to worry about where our next meal is coming from or if we can have access to medical supplies if we need them. In general we moan about the everyday things all the time. And while Covid-19 has been difficult for everyone in various ways, and heartbreaking for far far too many, in a way it was the wake up call that many people in society needed.

It’s past time that we all look out for each other, help neighbours, do something no matter how small, to make our society a better place when we leave it than it was when we found it. We have been gifted time. We have been given the opportunity to upskill, network online, find new hobbies, start back things we used to love before we became too busy. By doing this, we can realise how blessed we really are, and see that not everyone is in the same boat as us. Only then, will people really begin to understand some of the issues, and from that begin to think of ways to make our society a better place.

Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.

Joshua J. Marine

People who see challenges are the ones that create solutions. It’s not always an easy path but we all have the power to take control and turn challenges our society faces into opportunities and leave behind a legacy that our great great grandkids will be thankful for. Now is a time for social transformation.

We all need to connect for the future. A collective action where we work as one big team, reflect on experiences, celebrate our achievements and learn from our mistakes. While an idea or movement can begin with an individual, collaboration is critical to creating lasting positive change in our society. From collaborating, we discover new perspectives, learn new ideas and together achieve solutions that were once unimaginable.

I’ve learnt a lot about Active Citizenship over the past few years. I’ve been fortunate to hear stories of people not only locally, but globally. Stories of people who empower others, create solutions and work together for sustainable impact. It has inspired me to try to do small things where I can to help others and in turn help make our society a better place.

Today, when thinking about Society 3.0 I went back to basics and looked at the individual. Let’s not forget to mind each other, work together, and make our society a more loving place that’s welcoming to everyone.

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