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A personal perspective on what I see as access to thriving in Society 3.0.

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Key Takeaways:

  1. We are social creatures.
  2. Society is where we socialise – and generate purpose in our lives.
  3. Society evolves as we do.
  4. What will be desirable Society 3.0 – and who’s responsibility is it to create that?

About Eileen Forrestal

Retired from a 32 yr Medical Career – with 20 years as an Anaesthetist ‘putting people to sleep’ – I am now refired as a publishing entrepreneur – ‘waking people up’ – with ‘words of wisdom for times of transformation’ in the form of the Get Up and Go Diaries, Journals and Planners. !
Author, speaker, Mentor, Coach I am fully immersed in the world of words – and using words to change the world.

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By Eileen Forrestal.

Society 3.0

Here’s my take on it

In Society is where we get to play as earthlings.
We form societies so we don’t have to be on our own. We are social creatures and we recognise the existential need to belong in society.
We have little societies called families, and we cluster in larger societies making up communities. We get to socialise within these societies – we play golf, we watch birds, study the bible, save the whale, prevent cruelty to animals; we provide care for the sick, and food for the homeless. Where ever there is a need – we form a society to address it and deliver. We need these societies to function, as a society, so we make rules and regulations. We may have entry criteria – to make sure YOU belong in OUR society. You might have to apply to join and pay money to belong. Google ‘weirdest societies’, or ‘most bizarre societies ever’ and you will find that whatever your peculiarity, there is a society to which you can belong. Happy days.

Which brings me to Three things I believe are necessary for any society to flourish, and if we want our ‘global’ society to flourish in the future these are 3 T’s to pay attention to.

  • Truth
  • Trust
  • Trappings

The Truth has practically disappeared in a tsunami of Fake News. What is true? Who says it’s true? How do we know it’s true? What if it is true? What if it isn’t true?
We’re ‘meithered’ by needing to know the truth – it’s as if our life depends on it. We are terrified we might be lied to , or be caught out believing something that isn’t true. What a calamity that would be!! That would be like believing in Santa Clause!!

Which brings me to Trust ..
Who do you trust to tell you the truth? Who can you trust? How do you know who to trust? What if they are not trustworthy? What if they betray your trust? Can you trust yourself to know who to trust? Maybe you can’t trust anybody? Where is the evidence that you can trust them? Show me that I can trust you. What can I trust you for? Can I trust you to do that? Remember, your parents lied about Santa Clause. And everyone colluded… Can you trust anyone …?

Yes, we’re trapped in the trappings of society – the messages we get from society telling us we have succeeded – we have arrived. We have been accepted into the ‘upper echelons’. We are driving the right car, we are living in the right neighbourhood, we are mingling with the right society .. no riff raff here! We have been to the best schools and colleges, we are eligible – and then there’s the Royal Society …. now we’ve surely made it when they let us in there!! Society endorsed by Royalty …
Yes, we are trapped in the trappings of our humanity.
We are trapped in our biology , in our identities – carefully crafted to help us navigate the trial and tribulations of our existence in society.
We are trapped in the chronology of birth to death
We are trapped in the eternal moment of now …

And yet we resist the trap – we want to get off. We don’t trust it. Space looks good. The scientists are telling us the truth. I wonder could we live there … Could we join the Society for International Space Exploration … or is that just for Astronauts?

Where can we go to find peace.
We want to ‘get out of our heads’ – we try alcohol, drugs …
We want to get out of our town , our country, where we feel trapped!! We want to escape.
Would another society be better? What about Australia ..

What if we were simply happy to be home?

My point is ..
As a society we seem to have lost our bearings – our North Star was the truth – what God or the Bible said, or Daddy .. or the Teacher, the Priest, the Scientist .. the Policeman, the Doctor, the Judge .. .. Now it’s the Twitterati with the blue tick or is it Dr Google …. or perhaps your best friend who knows someone who knows someone who said … Who can you trust? Who’s telling the truth?
Trapped in needing to know!
Trapped in the need for certainty.

Without trust in the truth of ourselves … our societal and hierarchical structures, and institutions … our fellow man .. what guides our thinking, what gathers our thoughts, what focuses our intentions, what stops us from going mad?


  • Nothing
  • Nothing stops us.
  • We stop ourselves.
  • We can choose to trust.
  • We can choose our truth.
  • We can accept what others say as truth – for them.
  • We can decide what’s true – for us.
  • We can be ok with finding out there is no Santa Clause or heaven up there or hell down there.
  • We can play, in the eternal moment of now, creating our heaven on earth

Society 3.0 is here
Right now
Maybe there is nothing to trust, really.
Maybe, there is no truth, really.
There is only now, and what we say about now.
Now is all there is.
And we’re here.
I say be here now.
For me .. I’m truthful, trusting and happy to be trapped in my trappings – alive in my particular corner of heaven on earth.
Society 3.0 is fine.
It’s true.
Trust me.
Come on in.

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