I Can Only Live in the Past #2 #cong23 #reality


There are a number of different perspectives on reality from Scientific realism, Idealism, Constructivism to the Multiverse theory.

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Key Takeaways:

  1. We only experience the past
  2. We interpret and filter the cues and interactions with our surroundings.
  3. Reality is an individual mental construct of an interaction or event that has already happened by the time we experience it.

About Colum Joyce:

Brussels based researcher and author focusing on the Quantum world, Artificial Intelligence and their impact on human activity.

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By Colum Joyce 

There are a number of different perspectives on reality:

1) Scientific realism: This view holds that reality is objective and independent of our minds. It is what it is, regardless of whether or not we perceive it.

2) Idealism: This view holds that reality is subjective and created by our minds. What we perceive as real is actually a mental construction.

3) Constructivism: This view holds that reality is created by our interactions with each other and the world around us. It is not something that exists independently of us.

4) Multiverse theory: This theory suggests that there may be an infinite number of universes, each with its own laws of physics and its own version of reality.

Personally I don’t believe that any human has ever actually experienced reality.

We have only ever experienced the past.

The reason for such a belief is quite simple.

Humans are interpretative. Our senses pick up cues from our surroundings and then we filter and interpret them but do so quite slowly, generally in a matter of tens or hundreds or milliseconds.

This time lag between cue and interpretation means that the “reality” is in the past whilst our mental realisation of it is what we consider the present.

Such belief places me firmly in a hybrid constructivist idealism camp which holds that our individual reality is created by my interactions and interpretation and filtering of the cues I experience from others and the world around me. It is not something that exists independently of me nor is it or can it be current.


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