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Reality and the puzzle of it discussed through the lens of a manual therapist.

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Perception is reality
  2. Complications are the norm
  3. Variations are the norm
  4. Finding a common theme and strategy to work towards is the key

About Dr. Greg Tollefson:

Dr. Greg Tollefson grew up in north west Canada. The pursuit of an optimization of wellness and performance was a central curiosity and passion of his from a very young age. He has been blessed professionally with the opportunities of sharing this passion with his community through treatment, education and advocacy.
Greg obtained a Bachelor of Science degree with Honours from the University of Saskatchewan in Human Physiology. He attended graduate school at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto where he attained his Doctor of Chiropractic. While studying Chiropractic, Greg further specialized with a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist designation.
While practicing in Toronto, Greg networked and grew a strong reputation within the athletic community. Here, Greg had the honour of working with Olympians, professional hockey players, collegiate athletes, and was the in-house manual therapist at Toronto’s Oldest Indoor Tennis Club.

Since moving to Ireland, Greg has shifted gears a bit – working more with anyone and everyone. His practice is driven by people who are wanting more from their bodies. From 2 weeks to 90+ – there is no restrictions at either end. Greg still enjoys the steady flux of All levels of GAA athletes, road runners, athletic clubs, power lifters, rugby players, swimmers, rowers, golfers and mixed martial artists.

He loves the challenge of jumping between the two polarities, strategizing and planning with whoever is in front of him, about their body!

In the past three years, Greg has been serving as the President of Sports Chiropractic Ireland which is a member of International Federation of Sports Chiropractic (FICS). The Olympics are starting to recognize FICS members on an official level, which is great for growing our profession.

Move well, feel well. Be strong. Be mobile

Greg takes pride in assisting every patient who walks through the door to progress their quality of life based on their own specific life demands and personal goals. Greg is an avid educator of patients. He believes the importance of what he teaches patients and what they can take forward in their everyday life is by far more important than any of the hands on therapies provides.

Knowledge. Team work. Accountability. Consistency.

Contacting Dr. Greg Tollefson:

You can connect with Greg by email or see his work in Emerald Wellness.

By Dr. Greg Tollefson

As far as I can see…

Reality is a completely subjective construct.

Even the word that it’s based around — “real” — by definition – “occurring in fact” – who decides what is fact?  Is there something or someone with a final say?

A phrase that was taught to me at a very young age that sticks to me to date is “perception is reality.”

The scope of a thought becomes the framing of your mind and thereby becomes your own reality.

As an analytically trained manual therapist who has been studying the human body and nervous system for 25 years my “reality” is constantly shifting, evolving, growing, changing.

The more I know — the more questions I have.  Eureka moments followed by the valleys of despair.

The next piece of the puzzle is where it gets really complicated.  Trying to mesh my evolving reality with the reality of my patient.  Seeking some semblance of congruency with a common  theme — solution to the problem within their own reality that landed them into my office.

The reality that this complicated assimilation brings is one of a rocking boat, in an unfamiliar body of water, with unfamiliar currents, movements and weather.
Some cases and presentations very calm, peaceful and smooth — simply navigated.  Other times the polar opposite – extreme volatility, unstable, chaotic with navigation paths seeming impossible.
Not to mention the trillion variations and possibilities lying between these two poles.

I’m never bored — but often times perplexed.

This is my reality.

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