All About Leadership #48 #cong21


Words matter.  How much do you know about leadership terms.  Try this word puzzle to find them.

Total Words


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Key Takeaways:

  1. Words matter
  2. Think about what they mean
  3. Do you reflect any of them?
  4. See clarity through a word of seeming chaos

About Gillian Berry

I am a qualified clinical nurse specialist. Recent roles include Education, Practice Development Facilitation and Project Management. I am driven by Quality, Patient Safety and Person-Centred Care. I hold a HDip CCU Nursing, PGD Infection Prevention and Control, PGC in Clinical Trials Management (Pharmaceutical Medicine), PGC Medical Affairs (Pharmaceutical Medicine), Cert in Quality and Safety. I founded PerCen Technologies in 2019 in response to challenges that I felt were not addressed in Healthcare. They are supported by the first national HIHI call by the Health Innovation Hub Ireland. It was set up to create person centred innovative solutions to clinical unmet needs. Its aim is to use scientific knowledge and the latest technologies to compliment clinical evidence based practice. My EitHealth journey stared in 2019 where I participated in the Wildcard Hackathon in Amsterdam, followed by the digital health validator in Trinity College and IP training. I am also on the EITHealth expert panel. At the start of the Covid19 Global Pandemic I combined her 25 years healthcare and her post grad education to create a process to break the chain of infection. I co-founded OSVX Open Source Volunteers Extended. Which attracted over 1000 STEM professional volunteers, academic institutions, SME’s and Multi-National’s and facilitated 30 projects with a transfer of knowledge and skills.
I am an active member of EmpowerHer and Network Ireland where I support women peers in business and entrepreneurship. I recently won the regional Power Within Champion for my work on the Covid19 response. I am on the EITHealth Alumni as the Regional Coordinator for UK and Ireland. I aim to facilitate the continued success of the EITHealth Alumni, promote innovation and empower the members to continue their health innovation journey.

Contacting Gillian Berry

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By Gillian Berry

Last year I submitted on leadership entitled Leadership Qualities for a Collaborative Society 3.0

Leadership Qualities for a Collaborative Society 3.0 #58 #cong20

This year I am presenting a challenge in the form of a word search.

leadership word puzzle

  • Find the words in the puzzle.
  • Words can go in any direction.
  • Words can share letters as they cross over each other.

Leadership Word Puzzle

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