Shifting the Value of Money to the Value of Time #36 #cong20


The last 8 months has forced a global pause with the 50+ age group reflecting on what is valued. Where making money had more value than time that has shifted to now planning what to do with time and less on making money.

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Key Takeaways:

  1. You are not alone if you are asking the question “what do I really want to be doing?”
  2. You may be richer than you think you are. How much do you really need to have to live the life that matters?
  3. The old model of work hard and then retire is being replaced with the work hard and then don’t work as hard then to work at doing what I want to be doing
  4. You are in charge of you.


About Tim Brennan:

Tim Brennan lives in Halifax, NS Canada but Ireland is his happy place. For the past 22 years Tim has been working with organizations to help them hire by looking at Fit First, then education and work experience. Along the way his company has developed recruitment software that has seen more than 2 million applicants go through it.

Contacting Tim Brennan:

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By Tim Brennan

Over the last 8 months (has it only been 8 months?) the whole planet has at one level or an other been forced to take a pause. For many of us prior to 8 months ago we were living busy lives making decisions that had making money valued more than having time. The pattern was work hard and then take some time and cram in a vacation to get away from work to recharge. Then go back to work. Then came 2020.

If you are 50 years or older your found yourself all of a sudden now home and trying to fit work in around your life and new responsibilities of home care/teacher/meal planning/health coordinator etc. or you found yourself at the other end of the story where work stop there was not much life left.

Somewhere in their the mind started to wonder to questions like what could I be doing? What matters most to me? and you began to discover that your priorities were shifting. What you valued is shifting. You hear yourself saying things like “I don’t want to” when you would have never said that before.

You also noticed that people don’t argue with you about it when you through they would. You started to look at your future when before you were focused on the present and just getting to the end of the day or week or quarter. When in lock down you discovered you did not need to have and do all the things you used to do and new things have be come more important to you like your time and friends/family – relationships.

So what is this all going to mean when we come out the end of the forced life pause and things start to come back to what we used to call normal. I believe that there are number of people, the 50+ crowd who are going to have seen they are truly are richer than they thought they were and that the richness is now measured differently.

Giving up that time and going back to doing things that they no longer put as much value on is going to see the a global shift on how we work, how we rest and what we value..