Trust Yourself – You Can Do It. #22 #cong18


We are overwhelmed with people telling us how overwhelmed we are and charging us exorbitant fees to do so. The answers lie within us. We can do it for ourselves. Some ideas on taking back our power and holding our own ‘reset’ button.

4 Key Takeaways:

  1. Build resilience
  2. Take time to reset…anywhere!
  3. Spend time in silence.
  4. Listen to your inner voice.

About Thérèse Kinahan:

A Toastmaster, currently Area Director of Midland Area (4 counties), former President of Athlone Club.
BA (Hons) NUI Galway in Training and Education with interest and experience in Equality Studies. Worked in Africa and with Special Olympics. Mother of two adults. Aspiring writer.

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By Thérèse Kinahan.





I take back my power.

Every day, I am assailed by advertisers, influencers, professional speakers and now professional speaker trainers!  New aggressive buzz phrases..everyone is ‘grabbing’, even those supposedly selling peace, a bit contradictory.  Stop and let me off!

I don’t need any glossy magazines, flashy ads..give me a blank page and let me write or doodle.


How easy is it to turn a phone on or off?  There’s a little switch at the top or side which you can flick or push.  That’s the simple way.  Alternatively, you can pay someone €500 and waste fuel to drive to a country oasis and listen to someone talking for a weekend, after you have turned it off, telling you how/why you should have it off or how you should/can manage your time.  A simpler and more pleasurable way of spending €500 might be to do as my friend did…he turned off his phone, left it in Dublin and had a week in the Alps.

I know another who does something similar when he comes home from his missionary post in the Far East…a place renowned for its Zen arts but for him busy university life.  He takes to Connemara and also the Scottish Highlands during his holidays.  We are in charge of not hand it over to someone else.  That’s what’s taking me to Cong of course, where I will smile for the weekend.

Good to Talk?

Is it really good to talk?  This is a minefield!  You always have to know where, to whom and when.  You could be met with an icy reception or a cutting phrase.

Idea:  Have an understanding with yourself or one or two others..say it in a nutshell and then move on.  Careful with that nutshell, before the wrong person brings down the hammer!

Plan your own important day:

Cannot understand couples handing over their big day to a stranger.

Fabulous bonding experience to do your own.  


Influencing is big business! People up and down the country are paying €75 per ticket to go to parties organised by influencers and fashion companies, they get little ‘goodie’ bags.  They spend more money at the shows on make-up and ‘fashion’. There’s a very easy way to know if something looks good on you…look in the mirror..and go with your more ways than one!

To tan or not to tan?  As you wish, but not for me.

Professional Speakers are another body of ‘influencers’ on the rise…it’s big business and in every aspect of business and of life.  People speak about speaking!

As a great sports company says..’Just Do it’!  In Toastmasters, we speak and we also develop leaders.  The by-line is ‘where leaders are made’.  It’s an wholistic approach to developing your self esteem.

Everything comes back to this…your self esteem…it’s why people are subject to outside influences be they human or chemical.  The best we can do for ourselves and our loved ones is to build our resilience so that we can take back our power and do it for ourselves.

Resist the power of advertisers and suggestion.

3 for the price of 2 is only a bargain if it’s toilet paper, especially if you only wanted one!

Always be open to possibilities…we learn something new every day.

Believe in yourself.