Servant Leadership – how keen are you to be a servant? #29 #cong21

Paul O'Mahony


. In this video Paul talks of four leadership styles he’s experienced: (1) in his father’s bookshop (2) in London Transport Buses (3) in the National Trust in UK (4) in Toastmasters International .

Paul also highlights some quotations he likes from contributions here by Alastair Herbert, Betty O’Callaghan, Frank Hannigan, & Paul Freeney

For the rest, watch the 12 minute video.

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Question your leadership style.
  2. Reflect: are those you lead trust-worthy?
  3. Experiment : see whether you can be a servant leader
  4. Learn from experience which style of leadership works best in your situation

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By Paul O’Mahony