Learning from and with Nature #47 #cong20


We need to put nature at the centre of our education systems to resolve our climate crisis and avoid environmental catastrophe.

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Key Takeaways:

  1. We are part of Nature
  2. Nature should be central to our education system
  3. Doing so will help us address climate change and environmental catastrophe
  4. This is urgent

About Jimmy D'Arcy:

I am the Youth Leadership & Sustainability Manager with the GAA. As such I oversee the development and implementation of our non playing related contributions to the Primary and Post Primary curriculum as well as our bespoke youth oriented programmes. I also manage our GAA Green Clubs Programme aiming to support GAA Clubs to operate in a more sustainable way. I am passionate about learning, creativity and community.

Contacting Jimmy D'Arcy:

You can contact Colin via email, and LinkedIn

By Jimmy D’Arcy

The Western Educational system is out of touch with the world around it. It is too focused on passive consumption and lacks critical thinking; lessons are most often held indoors and students are disconnected from the environment around them. What if we could learn from and with nature? It is proven that being in nature can improve children’s development, their mental health and physical health and their imaginations.

Furthermore, society is facing potentially catastrophic crises such as climate change and biodiversity loss and we need to foster a culture of dreaming in order to transition to alternative and resilient futures. How might the educational system have to change in order to learn from and with nature, to understand our place within the ecosystem and to foster a culture of dreaming alternative futures?