Wonderful Dreams. #29 #cong18


Through recent ongoing experience. My endeavors to Translate my dream in to a reality. Shocking realizations in the different concept of the worth of an idea. Growing with my idea, learning the Lonely side of going it alone away from the safe comforts of corporate life..

4 Key Takeaways:

  1. The conception of an idea is based on dreams and inspiration
  2. The execution of your idea should equal to or exceed the dream that inspired you
  3. Help each other

About Geoff Gibbons:

My name is Geoff Gibbons currently residing in Louisburgh, co Mayo Ireland.
I worked for over 20 years around the world as a IT/ Telecom solution Architect and Technical trainer.
I was too safe to truly dream until now.

Contacting Geoff Gibbons:

You can connect with Geoff on LinkedIn. 

By Geoff Gibbons.

Wonderful Dream
“You and I, we had a dream to fly
Wonderful dream, beautiful dream, don’t let it die”
Anne-Marie David

The words resonate in my mind. I am trying to put together some words regarding ideas.
It’s more how I feel about ideas. I believe that ideas are an essential part of us. It is what makes us who we are. No matter if the idea is great or small. It does not matter what your idea is. If it is some thing that helps one person or millions, then I applaud you and it.

I recently decided that I would like to dream for a living. Yes I say dream because what is an idea but a subconscious thought, “a dream that inspired an idea”.
I put together a business proposal. An idea based on my experience and lack there of.

I have been a dreamer for as long as I can remember. When I was young I dreamt of launching rockets to space using magnetic rails to boost the rockets to escape velocity. Putting wings on hovercraft.
It is in us all to dream, to dream of change. We dream of how to do things better, how to make things more efficient or just dream of making an ordinary item or task more fun.

My idea was simple. Create a dream (idea) portal. A place for dreamers to put forward their ideas. An interactive place where dreamers could work. A place where dreamers could come together and become makers and together create wonderful magnificent exceptional things.

I was surprised that I was not understood and raised onto a pedestal as an example of ingenuity.

But it seems ideas are worthless. I was taken aback. I was told that Ideas have no worth in them selves. It’s not a concept that the the dreamer in me ever really considered.
The concept that ideas are worthless unless they are definable, measurable and quantifiable, is alien to me.

I think though, the problem was in me.

As Eddie Van Halen said
“There are really three parts to the creative process. First there is inspiration, then there is the execution, and finally there is the release”

I had failed on two counts. I had a vision. A great definable concept. Success.
What I failed on was the execution of that idea, after that by default the release was doomed.

I made the mistake most of us make, the execution of my idea was not clearly portrayed. I knew it, my inexperience my unsupported execution never rivaled the idea in my head. There is no shortcuts. The execution of your inspiration should exceed surpass your initial dream.

It is one thing to have an idea.
It is a skill to clearly define and execute an idea for a successful release.
I failed on the very concept of my idea, my dream.
We dream, we all dream, dreams of change. It is through these thoughtful expressions we imagine, we create.
Inspiration springs eternal from our very thoughts.
It through our dreams, our inspirations we change the world around us. “In our heads”.

How do we take our dream our idea and express it in a way that is definable, measurable and quantifiable.

It is through experience and unmeasured work. Through experienced mentors and coaches.
Through helping each other, we will achieve our dreams.

Through the Dream portal ????
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