Beware of the Society we Influence #57 #cong20


This is an article written by the influence of researching and reading various society 3.0 pieces. This is my view on what I assume society 3.0 is based on my research and my view of what it will lead us to.

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  1. I hope you pull a better understand of the topic from this.
  2. AIs and bots
  3. people interlinked and our power on the creation of the next society.
  4. Covid-19 influencing the use of technology for us to survive the pandemic, we’re already too dependant on it.


About Emma O'Keeffe:

 I’m an animation student at limerick institute of technology. We had to dive deep into this topic in one of our modules, thought I’d share the outcome.

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By Emma O’Keeffe

“Society: The totality of people regarded as forming a community of interdependent individuals working for the benefit of society”.

(Society, in the Past, in the Present and in the Future.#9#cong20, 4th October 2020)

We are a society based on laws and regulations which limit oneself. Creating a society based on routines which can lead to a narrow-minded body of people. We have created a habitat by a limited imagination that forced unnatural objects into this world. It is a society based on fear and judgement of the unknown, hence why we have created this fantasize version of reality where we’ve authority to comfort us.

We have the possibility to become a society that runs in harmony with the patterns that exist in everyday life. To trust that our actions and decision as individuals and as a collective group of organisms reflects an effect on society and the patterns we are woven into as a society. When we become aware of these elements, we develop a higher level of thinking and understanding. This creates a form of comfortability with the unknown, which in return gives us fuel for our creativity and a new perspective on imagination, but also a broader one on life and how we fit into society as a collective group.

We are too dependent on technology although it did help us tremendously though the pandemic. By setting up a “help desk” using CCR (COVID Community Response) and helping to mass produce ventilators at an increasing speed. I feel technology is moving too fast in our society and as we gain technical skills, we lose previous skills, we become engrossed with technology. Such as Herbal medicine, hunting, blacksmithing, etc. As society progresses, I feel this will only get worse. Although technology is a good resource it can be deadly in the wrong hands. Such as ransomware, AI, and bots blackmailing/hacking, spying smart home devices, etc.

However, in our Society we are so focused on technology, creating, growing. Yet the most powerful technology is our imaginations and our perspective vision on our ideal future. Technically our technology is our ideology on what future everyone has in mind. When each person’s ideology of the future is combined it creates societies ideal future “Society 3.0” based on our imagination and will power for tomorrow.

I believe Society 3.0 is a society that strips individuality as we must live and work on developing this society instead of growing and developing ourselves. I know we naturally adapt to societies changes; however, I feel it is healthy to take a step back, a timeout to work on yourself as an individual. As this society focus on your woven identity in society instead of the identity, we create for ourselves. I believe it is also necessary to have individuality as a person.

I also believe society should have a completely different structure as the hierarchy has too much influence and power within society. People that do not fit this class must obey and bend to the rules made by these people, which is unacceptable. I also feel that they are corrupt and get away with a whole lot more than an average joe would. Which brings me on to the next point poor vs rich. There are two sets of rules in society one for the poor and one for the rich. The gap between these increases every year. There are more homeless people begging on the streets waiting for a few cents to add up for their next meal and the quote and quote rich people are out there spending money on the most ridiculous unnecessary things. Such as flexing five mac books online and posting how their parents got them a green Lamborghini for their birthday instead of a red one, they wanted. I feel the rich should be taxed way more than the poor and instead of assuming every homeless/poor person is a drunk/druggy, we should invest in accommodating them and not shoving 20 people into one hotel room while stripping them of their humanity. While this is happening, the middle class is slowly disappearing. The hierarchy should be dismembered as we all have equal responsibility on the running of this society, we were brought here the same way and will leave here the same way. We all have the same goal to improve the running of society for the generations to come and for ourselves.

However, in a sense we are dooming ourselves as so many people will become part of the useless class which in return will lead to more homeless and poor people increasing the gap if we do nothing about it. We are a technical based society and as technology develops, it will come to the stage where bots and AIs will take certain jobs and these people won’t have the skill sets to adapt to society 3.0 as they’re from a different time and generation. These people include today’s youths from 12-25 who will become part of create the useless class and the early from 60 upwards, who cannot hack technology to integrate into this society. This is already affecting jobs such as switchboard operator, bowling alley pinsetter, lift operator, film projectionist, knocker upper, bridge toll collector, check-out cahier, railway ticket seller and factory workers. This will only increase, leaving the question to linger, where will humans fit in in society? As we will have another class of idle people.

I formed my view of Society 3.0 by piecing together ideas. After reading several submissions to Congregation 2020, I believe Society 3.0 is quite complex. Like other complex societal issues, I believe we should not zone in on a single aspect.

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