A Community May Be Asleep or Had a Heart Attack but it’s NOT DEAD. #64 #cong19


If there is life, there can be a community. Often I hear sure rural is dead, pubs are dead, the community is dead. If this is true it’s because the people are dead! I’m pretty sure I didn’t miss any big news bulletin about a community being completely wiped out?

So a community may be sleeping, it may even have had a heart attack but thankfully many have woken from their sleep and many have survived a heart attack. This means a community can also regain consciousness but like many medical emergencies it requires a team effort.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Connect and help awaken a sleeping community.
  2. What do you do when a heart attack occurs?
  3.  There is no rule book.
  4.  Be brave and be bold.

About Aoife Keady:

My name is Aoife Keady and I’m the founder of What’s Where. After 4 years studying Irish and Translation studies in NUIG I leased my first pub in my final year and a common phrase I kept hearing was ‘I would’ve gone if I’d known it was on’. I couldn’t understand why people didn’t know but communication was changing and not everyone was adapting.

After it kept me awake night after night in 2017 I began interviewing 3,000 people and 99% said the famous words. I began to investigate further and from that unmet need What’s Where was born, your central source of Ireland’s best events at the touch of a button. We’re launching in 2020 and currently looking to build teams so I’d love to speak to you if your interested.

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By Aoife Keady

Firstly I apologise for making a reference to a heart attack but gladly I know many more people who have survived one than that have died from one. So your community, my community, have we enough to fill Croke Park? The answer doesn’t really make a difference because I don’t think there’s a community in Ireland who attempts to get that many people together on a regular basis. I checked out the 2016 Census and it turns out Malin in Donegal has the smallest population on record at 92 people. Please let me know if your aware of smaller populations. Anyway 45 of them are female and 47 are male. I don’t think I know anyone living in Malin but I’d love to know how their community is doing? This is the age variation living there.
0-17 years – (6 people)
18-64 years – (56 people)
65 years + (30 people)
I dug a little deeper and found an article about their Community Centre celebrating 100 years back in 2012 and they’d gotten some funding to renovate it. It states there was a turnout of 150 so maybe a few gatecrashers but no harm in that. 🙂

Also in the article it says: Community Association chairman, Robert Farren said: “In essence, it’s about building something sustainable by bringing people, both young and old, together from across the community to work toward a shared future. The centre is ideally placed as a driver for economic and social inclusion, building inter-cultural bridges and showcasing the immense local talent – not only in music but in crafts and art.

“To that end we’ll be hosting cultural events throughout the year and setting up a crafters’ co-op which will see some of the older generation sharing and teaching their talents in weaving and spinning, knitwear and lace-making so that some of these traditional arts don’t die out.

ref Inishowen News

They sound like they’re on track to keep their community alive regardless of their size. After reading and learning more about Malin I’d like to go and visit and see for myself what kind of community they have because they’re sounding like a nice bunch.

What’s the point to all this? This place has the smallest population on the census record and it sounds like they’ve a tight knit community that’s trying it’s best to stay connected. What’s your community like? Is it thriving? Is it asleep? Has it had a heart attack? Don’t tell me it’s dead, as my synopsis states I’m pretty sure I didn’t miss a news bulletin about a community being completely wiped out and thankfully so. Therefore I strongly believe all is not lost. So this is Wikipedia’s description of a heart attack.

‘A heart attack occurs when blood flow decreases or stops to a part of the heart.’

This is exactly what is happening in some areas across Ireland and like many medical emergencies a team effort has better results whether it’s to call an ambulance, find medication, begin CPR or use a defibrillator. We want and need connected communities so put on your big girl knickers or big boy pants and help awaken any sleeping communities or start that CPR. Loneliness is the silent killer here but there’s a cure and each and every one of us have it at our disposal.

There is no rule book, the future is still unwritten, we can and we will make a difference in our communities. They need us now more than ever. I’m making it my mission, feel free to join me.

Be brave and be bold. Believe in your ability. Never give up. Time will tell.

I Cannot Sleep At Night Until I Have At Least Tried My Best To Bring An Idea To Life! #61 #cong18


It’s now after 4a.m. . . . . . . Am I an extra early riser? Am I a night owl? Am I working in a different timezone? Am I overtired? Am I somewhat jet lagged and trying to adjust? Do I have an idea which won’t let me sleep? Or am I all of the above? All expect one, can you guess? Reminding you about the big names who almost didn’t make it.

4 Key Takeaways:

  1. Yes you can, start believing in yourself.
  2.  No it’s not a trick when you hear that, the best ideas develop when you see a future for them or more importantly when you cannot see a future without them.
  3. Don’t wait too long or assume someone else will, it hurts when someone else does but competition can be your friend.
  4. Many of the best ideas were rarely believed in, don’t give up if your willing to carry them through. It may be a long road but it could be the most rewarding you’ll ever walk.

About Aoife Keady:

After 4 years studying Irish and Translation Studies in NUIG, leasing a café at 19, my first pub and B&B at 21, my next 2 pubs, getting married, having a baby, founding What’s Where, delightfully winning AngelHack’s Silicon Valley 2018 Hackathon with my other startup Code2Shop. . . . . . . I haven’t quite figured out how best to describe myself yet. (“,)

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By Aoife Keady

If you feel like no one is listening, your probably talking to the wrong people. Your idea could be the best in the world but it often takes someone with an entrepreneurial flair to tell you to give it a try or maybe your family when they’re sick of you going on and on about it. Start believing in yourself regardless. Ideas come and go but it’s the entrepreneurship in you that can make your dream a reality. Others may question you ‘but do you see a future for it’? My question is do you see a future without it? That’s when you start putting an idea to the test. I love my family and I’m sure you also do but remember our loved ones usually want to protect us from any unnecessary risks. Developing ideas are full of risk. The risk of failure. The risk to your health. The risk of having less time. The risk of financial difficulty due to leaving a secure job and investing in your newfound idea. But what if the risk pays off? You result in bring in control of your own timetable. You get the flexibility to minimise missing family events in the future. Ok your income will probably never be the same again but six, seven, eight figures is your choice if you work hard enough for it. The excitement of entrepreneurship is a feeling like no other. The freedom to work whenever, wherever, however and even if ever when you hit the jackpot. To have a choice to make that all important decision, go on, you’ve stood on the sideline long enough. We all make mistakes, learning from them is the greatest blessing.

I believe so much is happening on our doorsteps and we don’t even know about it. It took me years and several sleepless nights waiting for someone else to do it before I finally took the plunge to create What’s Where and it’s only early days. Listening to people say I would’ve gone if I’d known it was on was actually heartbreaking for me. I’d never want anyone to miss a great event. Online is changing the world but many things are for the better, we need to adapt and help people follow traditional events but through a new media. And let me tell you life has been a risky rollercoaster, my seatbelt has come undone many times and I’ve been flung through the air but through all the pain I keep fighting to reach the gain. Have you heard about some of my well known friends who had great ideas that almost never made it? Would you believe Gmail almost wasn’t a thing? Or iPods, iPhones or Tablets? Dyson Vacuums? Nespresso machines? Even Harry Potter by J.K Rowling was rejected by 11 publishers. Actually have you heard of Tom Brady? Wearing jersey number 12 for the patriots? Winner of 4 Super Bowl awards? Well he fought hard and wasn’t selected by the 2000 NFL draft until the 6th round, the 199th guy to be precise. It may be a long road but if you choose to get on it, you take the chance of reaping the rewards.