Map for #cong14

Almost there.  Here is the map to help you navigate around the locations of the different huddes for #cong14.  There are 7 in total.  Car parking should not be an issue with lots of onstreet parking and 3 main car parks.  Best not to park in the church car park as it gets busy on Sunday.

Schedule for #cong14


Registration will be from 10am in Ryans Hotel in Cong.  

There will be 4 sessions – two before lunch and two after lunch.  The running order is:

10.30-11.30: Session 1

11.30-12.00: Break and connecting

12.00-13.00: Session 2

13.00-14.00: Lunch in the last location

14.00-15.00: Session 3

15.00-15.30: Break and connecting

15.30-16.30: Session 4 – Final session

16:30-17.00+: Wrap up and post #cong14 drinks

On Arrival:

When you arrive you will be given a name badge, a number and an information sheet/map.  On the sheet is a table where you will see what huddles you are in and at what time.  I know this sound complicated but its actually simple in practice and it is designed to help you meet new people in each huddle.  This is a really important part of #cong14.  You will not hear all the talks nor will you know exactly which ones will be delivered at your huddle.  People volunteer themselves to present at each huddle.

To overcome this we build in lots of breaks and the reception is another opportunity to meet people.  My advice is:

  • read the posts in advance
  • decide who you would like to meet
  • start the conversation by commenting on their post
  • share posts you think are interesting
  • follow each other

Finally on the day introduce yourself and continue the conversation.

This might sound like hard work but why start from ground zero on the day when you could already build relationships with each other in advance.

Chairing a session at #cong14

Each huddle will have a chair to help manage the session and ensure time keeping and interaction.  Judging from the chatter at #cong13 they will have an easy job getting the conversation going. 

Below are the instructions for the chairs but its also useful for everyone to understand the role/process.

You will be each allocated one huddle to chair.

This huddle will be in one physical location.

Huddles kick off at 10.30am so check out your location in advance.

You will be allocated a huddle/destination on Friday/Saturday morning.

There will be max 10 people in each huddle.

There will be four huddles throughout the day.  See here

First up introduce yourself.

When people arrive idtentify the speakers.

Agree who speaks first etc and help them get set up.

Explain that each speaker has 10-15 minutes to present and encourage everyone to contribute/ask questions.

Your huddle will have 2 or 3 speakers but this will be indicated on the scheduling spreadsheet (you will get this on Saturday)

Ask if anyone is managing a google+ hangout, podcasting or streaming - just so everyone knows.  Encourage people to tweet or post on social media using the #congregation.

Explain that tea/coffee is available for them to use - let me know if supplies run low.

Kick off each session with name, job or company as a one liner from every.  No self promotion or lengthy introductions.  This should be followed by a social media hack.  This is an ice breaking one liner on something they have found useful in social media - e.g. social is great for monitoring social media activity.  Again short and brief.

Start the clock when the person starts presenting.

Use judgement - if people are riveted to the speaker then allow more time especially  if only 2 speakers.

Remember every gets to speak on the day and needs a minimum of 10 mins and 5mins Q&A.

Main thing to police is NO SELF PROMOTION - people will want to know more about you based on your insight.

Give the speaker 3 minutes notice of the time with a hand signal.

Thank the speaker and congratulate them.

Encourage questions after the speaker.

Synopnise or take some highlight some element from the talk as possible icebreaker.

Ask a question of your own or add own experience if needed.  

If you are short a speaker consider calling out one of the posts from the site or ask if anyome wishes to present again.

Polite move conversations on if one person is monopolising and watch for others who would like to ask questions/comment.

Wrap up the session after the hour.  People have 30 mins to get to the next venue (which will take them 30 seconds) so they have plenty of time to chat.

Ideally orientate yourself to Cong so you can direct people to their next huddle and be aware of the overall timings for the day. 

Finally enjoy.  This is not the army, we have structure but only to ensure smooth running of the event.  This is a great bunch of minds so take your for a gallop also.

I will be on the mobile all day at 0868339540 and will wander around to make sure all is running well.  Don’t be shy about calling if need be.

Many thanks to the current chairs:

Martin Murray

Barry Kennedy

CongRegation © Eoin Kennedy 2017 eoin at congregation dot ie