June Update for #cong15

Expanded submission, childcare and updates for Congregation on November 28th 2015

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First the Ask.

From next week on we will be uploading the list of attendees for 2015 and the rough subject areas.  Don’t worry - no need to write your blog submission till later but if you are interested in attending Congregation 2015 on November 28th all I need is your headshot, general subject area (you can always change later) and basic biography. 

The schedule will be similar this year kicking off at 9.30pm and finishing up at 4.30pm with 4 sessions in different venues throughout Cong Village.  

Blog, Vlog or Podcast Your Way in.

This year we are expanding the entry requirements to include video and audio submissions.  The standard submission is a 600+ word post with your thoughts on a subject, which has a digital perspective, that you feel strongly about and would like to discuss with like minded individuals.  This year we will also be accepting video and audio versions.   All you need to do is record your submission (ideally as an mp4 (video) or mp3 (audio)), upload to Dropbox along with a summary of it and email me.  We will post to the Congregation site, YouTube and Soundcloud. 

You could really impress us and do all three;) 

Family Friendly Unconference.

We have arranged family friendly activities for the Saturday of #cong15 in the new Crossroads Community Centre in Cong so that your children can have a blast while you are taking your mind for a gallop. 


Pottery classes are organised for the afternoon and we will have another activity in the morning so lots to keep the younger ones occupied.  There are plenty of options from mini coder dojo (scratch) to creative arts or sports, all depending on numbers and ages.  If this is of interest just let me know the ages and number of children.


Accomodation Sorted.

For the super organised we have block booked Ryans Hotel for the Friday and Saturday night so we can centralise registration there.  This is on a first come first served basis so just mention you are attending Congregation 15 if you are planning on staying there. 


Congregation is a free event that replies on the generous support of sponsors.  We are delighted that and Blacknight have come on board for #cong15.

Supported cong15

And Finally

As an incentive (ahem bribe) if you sign up before the end of July and submit your blog post over the summer you will get a customised magnetic wooden badge with your twitter handle on it.

Magnetic Badge #cong15

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