Congregation Book Club #congbookclub

No time like spring to dust down those books you have read, share them and get some new ones.  I know from personal experience that I tend to hoard books that I never again open when others could benefit from them.

With that in mind we have set up a Congregation Book Club to make it really simple to share and receive books.  Some very basic rules:


For those with books to share:

  • Tweet about books you would like to pass on with #congbookclub and details of the book.
  • First to respond or get their physical address (recommend DM) to you gets the book.
  • Post the book.
  • Ideally sign with your name or Twitter handle and date so we can see how far it goes.

For those who receive the books:

  • Thank the person who posted you the book publicly on Twitter using #congbookclub.
  • Read the book as quickly as possible and offer up again on twitter using #congbookclub.
  • Karma is central to the success of this book club so if someone posted you a book please post it on to another when you are finished.
  • Sign book with name or Twitter handle.
  • Treat the book with respect.
  • We would love to get your views of the book and would be delighted to post your review on the site.

The aim of this initiative is to keep conversations going about social media and related areas.  Everytime I read one of these book I pick up some really great thinking and the pressure to pass on the books means I get through them in a timely manner.

I would love to expand this to an occasional  Google+ handout or similar for people to share their thoughts in a virtual book club so let me know if you are interested.

Two actions:

  • Check out #congbookclub for books you might be interested in.
  • Have a root through your own library for books you would like to share.


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