Congregation is a three day technology festival designed to foster links between attendees from very diverse backgrounds and create deep discussion and dialogue.  Central to the event is earned entry via a submission posted on the site in advance, the use of social venues and huddles and the serendipitous connections that form.  All attendees present during the day creating a common bond that is enhanced with plenty of networking time.

The theme for this year is innovation.

2018 Theme.

The theme for #cong18 is ‘Ideas'. 

#cong18 Schedule

This year’s festival runs from 23th-25th November.  See whats lined up for each day.

#cong16 tickets

How to get a ticket.

Tickets cannot be bought.  See how you can earn a ticket for #cong17

Submission Guidance

Check out the guidance for the submissions and the various options on format.

#cong15 Ashford Castle Cinema

Friday Event.

#cong17 kicks off with an exciting line up of speakers on Friday 24th.  


Saturday Unconference

Click here for details of how the unconference operates.


Art & Music Workshops

Uncover the hidden artist in you, learn to draw and visit all Congs bars.

Archaeology Tours #cong16 2

Sunday Tours

See the Sunday social gathering at #cong17


Children’s Workshops.

We provide a full day of exciting workshop activity for children of attendees.  See this year’s line up.


What’s in a Huddle.

The intimate nature of Congregation is key to connecting attendees at a new level and the open sharing of ideas.  This is achieved through ‘Huddles’.  Click here to find out how a huddle works.

Is Congregation for you?

We appreciate that your time and insight are very precious things and we strive to make sure you get a lot in return.  Have a look at what you get back.

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About Cong Village and Accommodation.

 The location for Congregation is Cong Village.  Find out about this beautiful village, the venues for #cong17, accommodation options and  our photo gallery.

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