Workshops @ #Cong17

This year we are organising two really engaging workshops so you can get to know your fellow ‘CongReators’ better in a fun and relaxed environment.  The first is an art workshop after the Ashford Castle evening and the second is a Harmonica music jam after the day of unconferencing.

Workshop 1.

Time: 10-till late

Locaton: Cong Village (Danaghers)


After a stimulating evening of Innovation Stories in Ashford Castle we will retire back to Cong Village and tap into your creative juices with an Art Pub Crawl.   We will equip you with all the drawing materials you will need  (pads/canvas/pencils/charcoal) before giving you a master class on how to draw, so even beginners can unlock their artistic talents.   Your challenge will be to draw George the Highway man before unleasing your new talents on a pub crawl where you can start capturing what you see on paper.  Promises to be great fun and uncover the hidden artist in you.

All materials and class provided for free.

Workshop 2.

Following the conclusion of formal proceedings on Saturday 25th and after you have had a chance to catch your breath, grab some dinner and network we will plunge into the highly anticipated Harmonica workshop.

Delivered by Sean McGrath you will be given a Hohner Silver Star C Diatonic Harmomica and expertly guided through a Blues Harmonic workshop.  Over the course of 2-3 hours you will learn to play basic Chicago Blues harmonica and collaborate to write the lyrics of "Leaving Congregation Blues”.

Sean delivered the Bodhran workshop last year and this promises to be a really enjoyable experience - not to mention new skills acquired and new friends made.

Harmonica and workshop provided for free.

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