Friday: Ashford Castle Evening. 

This year we are again delighted to kick start #cong17 with an evening of ‘Innovation Stories’ in the private cinema of Ashford Castle.  

Feature a series of inspiring talks the speakers will showcase and discuss innovation.

This session is strictly limited to 35 people with preference given to past Congregation attendees and early submissions.  If this session is of interest please get your submission in as soon as possible and email me with an expression of interest.

This event will kick off at 7.00pm with a a welcome glass of Prosecco in the beautiful Connaught Room with the talks beginning at 8.00pm sharp until 10 pm.

Following the talks we will retire to Danaghers Hotel in Cong Village for follow on chats and a fun art workshop!

Line Up:

No Nonsense Innovation | David Gluckman | Inventor of Baileys 

David Gluckman was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa on 1st November 1938, the day that Sea Biscuit and War Admiral fought out the Race of the Century at Pimlico Park, Baltimore.  Educated in Johannesburg, he joined a local advertising agency after university and soon fell in love with business. He made the pilgrimage to London in 1961 and worked as an account executive on the introduction of Kerrygold butter into the UK.  Always a frustrated creative, he escaped into brand development in 1969, met a man from a drinks company called IDV, and his life changed forever. A lover of cricket, he considers his greatest achievement bowling the West Indian legend, Joel Garner, first ball in a pro-am 6-a-side tournament.

Niamh Bushnell | TechIreland

Niamh Bushnell

Niamh Bushnell is the founder and CEO of TechIreland , a not for profit established in Dublin in January 2017. TechIreland maps and tracks all product innovation in Ireland and is on a mission to tell the story of Irish innovation to the world. Prior to TechIreland Niamh was Dublin’s first Commissioner for Startups where she developed a platform, an image and a voice for Dublin as a great tech city. Niamh founded the Dublin Globe publication, the #1stFridayBrekkie, and Mentoring for Scale, a monthly mentoring event for scaling companies.

Niamh has been in the technology business for over two decades and spent 16 years in NYC where she built two startups (TechResources and Idirus) and became a mentor and angel investor at Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator - ERANYC. Her first company Pan Research was founded in Dublin in 1996. 

Niamh is on the board of FoodCloud and New Ireland’s Millennial Board.

Innovating Your Life | Gerry Duffy 

Gerry Duffy

Gerry Duffy will share his experience and journey of turning around his life when at the age of 27, (1995) he found himself unfit, over weight, bored with life, addicted to cigarettes and not happy.

Rather than let it continue Gerry took responsibility for myself - took up running, embraced a healthier lifestyle and as a result, got much fitter both physically and mentally and went on to run 32 marathons in 32 days.

He has also completed a number of other endurance adventures, speaks corporate audiences all over the world, created a speaking and training business (goal setting, leadership, motivation, mind-set techniques) and written two best-selling books.

For more about Gerry see Gerry Duffy Academy 

Innovation and Listening | Alessandro Prest | LogoGrab

Alessandro Prest

Alesandro will talk about the process of innovation in LogoGrab, in addition to the evolution of the innovative technology the company has developed.  As the company continues to win new contracts it analyses the reasons the customer chose them, with this introspection driving engineering and new product development.  

Humans are the only specie utilising a symbolic form of communication. This has evolved over a period of 40000 years, and like all things in the internet-era, is now due to an even faster mutation. The rise of Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat and the transformation of Twitter into a visual medium are just unavoidable effects of a transition from textual to visual self expression.This transition represents a huge challenge for existing text-based search engines as it hinders the ability to index and measure human-generated content.  LogoGrab provides Artificial Intelligence that is able to sift through and understand the enormous amount of visual information shared online everyday and help brands better understand their customers.  The talk will discuss the cornerstones in the evolution of A.I. techniques that are enabling the transition from a textual internet to a visual one.

tom murphy

Innovation and Failure | Tom Murphy

Tom Murphy budvase

Failure and Success are not binary options, not mutually exclusive outcomes. Like so much of human endeavour, it is a much more subtle an interplay of the two. Success requires the possibility of failure and innovation is success at something never previously done. While it might seem facile to say that one should expect failure when trying to innovate, it goes much deeper than that. 

During this talk I hope to explore various kinds of failure in the pursuit of innovation, using my passion for woodturning as an analogy for all walks of life.

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