#cong18 Theme

The themes and focus for Congregation evolves each year. 

  •  2013 was social media
  •  2014 evolved to digital media
  • 2015 was how technology impacts on work and personal lives.
  • 2016  broadened to ‘The Future’
  • 2017 is ‘Innovation’
  • 2018 is ‘Ideas'

Last year the theme of ‘Innovation’ further broadened the disucssion arena of CongRegation and attracted an even wide set of submissions and background of attendees.  In 2018 we hope to further expand the diversity of attendees unifying people around the malleable arena of ‘Ideas’.

As with most things in life the conceptual area of ’Ideas’ spark off different notions and means different things to different people.   By gathering people with different backgrounds, expertise, interests, age and expertise we hope to avoid group think and offer new perspectives and connections.

Firstly we are looking for people from diverse background from technologists, start up experts, change managment, innovation/disruption consultants but also sociologists, psychologists, physicans, teachers, academics, business owners, politicans, researchers through to farmers, spiritual, mindfulness and healers.   The range of backgrounds means no one direction of thinking dominated.

Secondly we want people to consider Ideas from the perspective of a blank canvas and chellenge themselves.  We all interest with the broad notion of ‘Idea’ from the daily process of having them and would like to capture the ‘I wonder if’ or ‘I wish’.  Treat CongRegation as an opportunity to scratch a mental itch.

One of the outputs of CongRegation an eBook and the posts are the chapters in that book.

We want stories, case studies, opinion pieces, how to’s, experience based, wish lists, academic, thought leadership looking at this area from multiple angles.

Posts could debate specific medthologies, technologies or focus on the psychological and social aspects.

We want people to paint a picture of what they believe is on the horizon in order to create rich debate and could cover: 

  • How do people generate ideas?
  • What is an idea?
  • What happen when you have a brain wave?
  • How do companies ideate?
  • Cultural differences on benefits of ideas?
  • Are ideas connected with culture?
  • Does our future rely on ability to create ideas?
  •  What happens next - implementation versus ideation.
  • Specific ideas for change in society, marriage and life?
  • Are constant ideas distracting us too much?
  • Keeping ideas alive?
  • Ideas and failure?
  • The leadership challenge of inspiring, managing Ideas.
  • Idea driven cultures - companies and society
  • Idea book reviews?
  • Age perspective on Idea - Boomers to Millennials.
  • Making idea fun?
  • Should ideation be taught in schools?
  • What happens if we stop having ideas?
  • Ideas repository?
  • Will the robots generate all the idea?
  • How do authors, artist, producers and creative industries come up with ideas?
  • Ideas - creation or distruction.

Specific submissions on narrow areas of the Ideas are as welcome as all incompassing coherent umbrella views.  Some people will have one piece of the puzzle, others will more.  Some will be data evidence driven, some gut feel, some passionate and some will be creative visions.

Although the theme has changed, the earning of tickets and format on the day will remain the same.  

As per #cong17 we will ask people to reflect on what they have heard, researched, experiences to work together on a joint challenge at the end of the day.   One of the lessons from previous Congregations is that it takes time to peal back the layers of our emotional onion.  As the day progresses the conversation will naturally drift from pure innovation, to disruption, to thinking differently to finally focusing on what really matters.  The final exercise will be about harnessing what the day produces to rebuilt.  To be revealed closer to the day.

This will be the most ambitious Congregation to date.  If you are up for the challenge please help by participating early.  

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