How Do I Get a Ticket?

Tickets cannot be purchased for Congregation but rather attendees are paying with their insights.  The entry price is to produce a piece of insightful content in advance and to agree to share on the day.

This piece can be a written blog entry, a Vlog (video blog entry) or a podcast (audio) submission. The perfect entry will include all three;)

These will be posted on the Congregation Submission Page and an e-Book containing all the posts will be published following the event.  

An e-ticket will be issued once your blog post/mini paper is reviewed and posted. 

A voting mechanism (along with the usual social sharing functions) may also be initiated to crowd source and surface the best content.  The best content will be given prescribed slots.

Submission of a blog post means:

  • Agreeing to attend and speak at the conference    
  • Agreeing to share your insights on the blog
  •  Agreeing to the content being shared and included in an eBook
  • Agreeing to have your name listed as an attendee

Next up:  Submission Specification

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