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Weekends are a special time and rather than have Congregation compete with spending time with your children we offering FREE childcare workshops on Saturday 25th November of #cong17.

We also believe that while you are taking your mind off for a gallop that your children should also be having a blast, so we have arranged for a day of workshops for them in the brand new Crossroads Community Centre, a few minutes walk from all the action in Cong Village.

This year the workshops (10am-5pm) will be delivered by Jane Shimizu and feature two fun science workshops.  Over the course of the morning children will:

  • See a sneeze
  • Learn about Tuning forks
  • Use Straw Whistles Keep your whistle
  • Solve The cornflake mystery
  • Makie a bug spray
  • Pop top
  • Can’t inflate balloon
  • Stubborn ping pong ball (funnels)
  • Create a Floating ball (hairdryer)

Working in team at 6 demonstration tables they will also:

Making gloop

Task: Using a bowl with corn flour and a little water, can you make a gloop that looks like a liquid but turns into a solid if you punch it or roll it between your fingers? Can you explain why this happens?


Task: Using a balloon, CD, blue tack and a bottle top, can you make a model hovercraft that glides over the table?

Can you explain how it works?

Making passenger boats

Task: Using one strip of plasticine, can you make a boat that floats in the water? How many passengers (peas) can you carry? What shape made the best boat? Why?

Racing colours

Task: Using paper towels, colouring markers and a cup with a small amount of water in it, can you tell what colours are mixed together to form other colours?

Spoons and bells

Task: Using the strings held to the bones under each ear, listen to the sound each spoon makes as you hit it off the table. Can you line the spoons up in order of low to high sounds. What do you notice about the spoons?

Colour spinners

Task: Using the motor, wires and battery, spin various spinners to see what new colour can be made when col-ours mix together. Make your own col-our spinner and see what colour mixing you can do.

In the afternoon the group will switch to making their own rockets.

Rocket workshop

  •  Balloon rocket

Fly balloons across the hall using a straw and string. Demonstration.

  •  Fizzy rocket

Use fizzy tablets and water to fire a rocket. Dem-onstration.

  •  Straw rocket

Make your own basic pencil/straw rockets.

  •  Mouse rocket

Make your own conical mouse rocket.

 Foam rocket

  • Make your own foam elastic rocket.
  1. Fly your rocket.
  2. Race your rocket - which flies furthest.
  3. Use a clinometer - which angle allows the rocket to fly furthest.

Session 1: Science investigations: 2 hours

Children sit on individual mats for a demonstration, then move to one station in teams.

Spend 10 minutes at their activity. Back for another demonstration.

Move clockwise through the 6 stations every 10 minutes with a demonstration between each move. Teams stay as assigned throughout the day.

At the last station, each team visits each station in turn for a discussion on the station tasks and science learned.

Session 2: All about rockets: 1.5-2 hours

Demonstrations of balloon and fizzy rockets.

In groups make straw, mouse and foam rockets.

Fly the foam rockets inside.

If weather permits fly a water rocket outside. 

The schedule for childcare is.

9.15am Sign in children Freetime, snacks and fruit

10am-12pm Workshop One .

12.30-2pm Movie and lunch

2pm-4pm Workshop Two.

4pm-5pm Free time, games, movie and snacks/popcorn

5.00pm Pick up time

The workshops will be led by Jane Shimizu from  Scoil Chaitríona Junior, Renmore, Galway

Jane is a primary school teacher in Scoil Chaitríona Junior in Galway and has a particular interest in teaching science and technology. She also runs CPD summer science courses in Galway Education Centre, visits other primary schools during Galway's Science and Technology Festival each year and is a facilitator with Discover Primary Science and Maths. 

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