August Update. A night of Augmented Reality in Ashford Castle.

#cong15 collage

Its three months away but I am delighted to say we have over 60 speakers lined up already for #cong15 on November 28th and the range of topics is looking really interesting.

Some other quick updates below from the world of Congregation to share with you but if you have any ideas of other things you would like to organise around #cong15 I would love to hear from you.

Tick Tock Topic.

Topic Tick Tock

We will be accepting additional topics until the end of the month.  All we need is your topic area, biography and headshot.  Content, wearable tech, augmented reality, innovation, user comments, authority, social buying, politics, data, periscope, privacy and education are among the topics so far.  We would especially like to have a submission from an emoji expert ;)

Eat the Frog Early.

Eat the Frog Early

From September onwards we will be looking for your full blog, video blog or audio submission.  The final deadline is the end of October but only full submissions will be eligible for tickets for a special evening in Ashford Castle.   

A boss of mine once gave me good advice, that a boss of his gave him and it was “Eat the Frog Early”.  Having more time does not always help and you can always alter your submission.  Get it in early and get it off your mind.

We are also introducing ‘peer pairing’ to connect you with someone like-minded who you can bounce your ideas and submissions off before the deadline.

Augmented Reality in Ashford Castle

ashford castle cinema

Ashford Castle, which was just voted the world's best hotel, has kindly given us access to the luxury 35 seater private cinema on Friday 27th November.  We are planning an evening of talks, indie movies on digital and demonstrations of augmented/virtual reality.  

This evening is strictly limited to 35 people and the refurbished castle is really worth a visit.  


pottery making

We are planning a puppet making and pottery workshop in the Crossroads Centre from 9am to 5pm on the  28th along with movies and goodies for those of you who are planning on bringing your kids.  Please let me know as soon as possible if you intend taking up this offer, as we need to book places. 

Sunday Sports

Forest Runs and Cycles

It now looks like we will have a variety of sporting options on Sunday 28th  for those who don’t stay up too late.  Forest cycling and running are already on the agenda but hope to add more activities over the next few weeks.

The woods around Cong offer over 20K loops on proper trail surfaces for bike, running or walking.

Key Dates

Topic call.  Closes 11th September.

Submissions.  Closes 30th October.

Car pooling. November.

#cong15 Launch.  7.30pm 27th November.

Congregation. 9.30am -4.30pm 28th November.

#Cong15 Sports. 11am 29th November.


Delighted that MCK communications have joined with and to support Congregation 2015.

#cong15 Sponsors

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