What is Congregation?

One day virtual mind mesh festival of thinking, sharing and connecting.

Celebrating its 8th year, CongRegation™ #cong20 (Nov 21st), will be a virtual event due to Covid-19 restrictions.  With the theme of Society 3.0  we are looking for curious minds from a range of diverse backgrounds/sectors who will share their unique perspective of our society – where we have come from, what we have become and what we want in our future.  We are treating the theme in its broadest form from psychology, technology, personal experiences to methodologies and ideas.  We want to hear how people see, experience or what they think of “Society”, be it a personal one, business or career transition.

One of the key components of CongRegation™ is the diverse background and thinking of attendees and this includes technologists, psychologists, business people, start up community, academics, visionaries, disruptors and sector specific from farming to manufacturing.

Tickets are earned via a submission on the theme which will be debated in virtual huddles on November 21st 2020.

Virtual Access

CongRegation™ 2020 will take place online with virtual huddles replacing the usual physical huddles. In place of the usual physical venues we will use virtual backgrounds to mimic Cong Village.

Unique Networking

Discuss and share your insights on society. You pay with your insight and are encouraged to share your thoughts on everything ranging from your own personal journey, to industry insights to how ideas are helping shape your sector. We are treating Ideas in its broadest form from psychology, technology, personal experiences to methodology.

Mind Mesh

You are guaranteed a day of unforgettable speakers, insights, sight seeing and socializing. Congregation is more than just a conference, it's about connecting people, allowing for non-formal networking and sharing of industry expertise and insights in a relaxed and friendly online atmosphere.

Insightful Speakers

Congregation year to year has hosted some of the worlds greatest minds and achievers. From the inventor of Baileys and author David Gluckman to the founder of Ireland's largest public forum Tom Murphy to the inspirational Gerry Duffy who ran 32 marathons in 32 days.

Virtual Movement

Conscious that attendees will be sitting at their computers we have lined up some coaching specialists to guide us through some exercises and stretches to keep our bodes limber.


Following a full day and evening of sharing and learning new friendship and connections are deepened over virtual poetry open mike and musical/art workshops..