What is Congregation?

Three day mind mesh unconference festival of thinking, sharing and connecting.

Celebrating its 12th year, CongRegation™ #cong24 (Nov 22-24), will return as a three day face to face event in Cong Village, Co Mayo, Ireland, with some joining in remotely under the theme of  ‘Legacy’.

Like last year’s theme of ‘Reality’, ‘Legacy’ is a topic we rarely consider but is intricately linked to our existence.  Once you probe beneath the surface of Legacy of others it can be a troubling theme for many as it’s linked closely with our mortality.  What footprint do we leave when we die.  Who remembers us, how are we described, did we make an impact, did we advance humanity and was our short time here well spent.  Does it even matter?  Like most CongRegation™ themes the more layers of the onion you peel back the more question and personal it becomes.

One of the key components of CongRegation™ is the diverse background and thinking of attendees and this includes technologists, psychologists, business people, start up community, academics, visionaries, disruptors and sector specific from farming to manufacturing.

Tickets are earned via a submission on the theme which will be debated in virtual huddles on November 23rd  2024 in Cong Village.  Have a read of the 2023 submissions on Reality .

There are 6 different events over three days including workshops and social events.


  • Friday 22nd Nov 2024: Night of Legacy Stories Ashford Castle
  • Saturday 23th Nov 2024: All day Unconference | Workshops | Kids Activities | Performance |Cong/Clonbur Village and Zoom
  • Sunday 24th Nov 2024: Fishery Tour | Cong Area 

Social Venues

CongRegation™ 2024 #cong24 will be physical event in Cong Village with some people also logging in virtually using Zoom. By rotating you from cafes, bookshop, creative spaces to restaurants we hope to mimic the intimacy and authenticity of the best coffee conversations.

Unique Networking

Discuss and share your insights on 'Legacy. You pay with your insight and are encouraged to share your thoughts on everything ranging from your own personal journey, to industry insights to how ideas are helping shape your sector. We are treating 'Legacy' in its broadest form from psychology, spirituality, business, technology, personal experiences to methodology. There are plenty of breaks for people to connect and get to know each other

Mind Mesh

You are guaranteed a day of unforgettable speakers, insights, sight seeing and socializing. Congregation is more than just a conference, it's about connecting people, allowing for non-formal networking and sharing of industry expertise and insights in a relaxed and friendly online atmosphere.

Insightful Speakers

CongRegation has hosted some of the worlds greatest minds and achievers. From the inventor of Baileys and author David Gluckman to the founder of Ireland's largest public forum Tom Murphy to the inspirational Gerry Duffy who ran 32 marathons in 32 days.

Natural Beauty

CongRegation takes place in the tourist village of Cong. The village is soaked in history and culture but is also situated on the edge of the beautiful Cong Forest with marked trails for those taking a break. The event will finish with a Walk in Cong Village and Woods on Sunday.


During and after the unconference there will be a number of additional workshops - some related to the theme and some just good fun. These will be followed by an evening performance. An all day activity is also available for children of the attendees.