Childrens Workshop

Smart Textiles and Percussion Workshops

Over the course of Saturday 24th we are running a full day of workshops for children of the attendees in the Crossroads Community Centre in Cong.

Children can be dropped in from 9.30am and collected at 5pm.  Food provided.

Shirley Coyle

Shirley Coyle

Bringing Fashion and Engineering together to create truly wearable technology. Shirley is an experienced fashion designer with a PhD in Biomedical Engineering. Recently set up Common GroundDesign, prototyping, designing and teaching all things wearable.

Smart Fabric in Action

Some electronics fun

Electronic Textile circuit using conductive thread and sewable battery holder, LED lights and switch

One World Drumming Circle

One World Drumming Circle

Half day drumming workshop.

This workshop brings arts & crafts together with science, engineering and design. It will involve lots of fun and imagination. Participants will have the chance to explore the technology behind everyday textiles and discover new smart materials. Smart textiles bring together technology and fashion meet with smart garments forming the fashion of the future.

Part 1 will involve an introduction to textiles. Participants will explore natural textile fibres and how different fabrics are made. Some unusual smart fabrics will be explored e.g. colour-changing fabrics and heated textiles.  The participants will develop their own ideas in groups to design an outfit of the future.

Part 2 will involve creating an electric circuit, either on paper or on fabric. This will involve connecting up a light-up electric circuit and designing the layout.  Imagination and creativity are encouraged in creating a light-up card or smart textile accessory.

The One World Drumming circle invites you to come along and learn some new skills. No previous drumming experience is needed.  The workshop makes use of rhythms from around the world, using drums and percussion instruments which are fun and easy to play.

Participants will learn some African and South American Rhythms, how to solo and play together as part of a large drumming group. Over the course of the workshop participants will combine the rhythms they have learned to construct a dynamic piece of drumming music.  It’s all designed to stimulate creativity and to have fun.

The One World Drumming circle, designed and facilitated by Anthony Mc Namee, is delivered in a fun environment.  Anthony is a freelance drummer and music educator experienced in a wide range of musical styles and settings. He has worked with Dance Companies, Bands, Arts Festivals, Schools, Community Groups, Parades and disability groups.

He is an experienced recording and live drummer and maintains a busy teaching schedule. Anthony facilitates Djembe, Drum Kit and Percussion workshops and is Musical Director for the Snakes Drumming Group based in Westport, Co.Mayo.