2016 Submissions

Innovation #cong17

Unconference Communities are Growing #18 #cong19

Synopsis: Trust in the community - a brief history of unconference. 4 Key Takeaways: Join Speak Listen Trust About Mag Amond: Mags is [...]

Ever Increasing Circles #17 #cong19

Synopsis: Community means many things to many people. It can be the catalyst of change, the spurring of motivation or the detriment to [...]

Where is home? Ramblings of a rambler #16 #cong19

Synopsis: For some of us. Perhaps you will relate. We are young, we have no purpose other than to live. To live our [...]

distributed leadership #15 #cong19

Synopsis: I believe leadership can arise (emerge) spontaneously. It can manifest through a statement, an action, a relationship, or a process. Supporting people [...]

Conscious Community – a Personal Story #14 #cong19

Synopsis: Reflections of a lifetime looking for 'my community'. Now that I have found it, how will I change it? 4 Key Takeaways: [...]

Connectivity and Community: Nothing About Us, Without Us #12 #cong19

Synopsis: Technology can transform lives and foster movements. Disabled people are using it more to organise and access local communities’ structures and services [...]

Communities are Born out of Thin Air #13 #cong19

Synopsis: The concept of communities lives in our imagination so they can be anything we want them to be. We can choose to [...]

You are Not the Boss of My Community #11 #cong19

Synopsis: The best ideas come from communities solving their own problems. It's almost always a team effort and no one person pulls it [...]

Only a Fool Would Say That – The LinkedIn international Community Phenomenon #10 #cong19

Synopsis: A short essay on how an early adopter of open network LinkedIn has become a bit skeptical. Is it truly a fear [...]

Community Soup #9 #cong19

Synopsis: Usually when we think about community an image of a group of people comes to mind, but a community can just be [...]