2016 Submissions

Innovation #cong17

Making Our Society a Better Place #60 #cong20

Synopsis: Coming soon. Total Words 1,314 Reading Time in Minutes 5 Key Takeaways: Coming soon. About Áine McManamon: Áine is a digital marketing [...]

Society Needs Liveable Cities #59 #cong20

Synopsis: Covid-19 has forced us to change how we live, work and operate as a society. Now our cities must change with us [...]

Leadership Qualities for a Collaborative Society 3.0 #58 #cong20

Synopsis: “Leadership is ultimately about creating a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen.” Alan Keith Covid19 was the catalyst [...]

Beware of the Society we Influence #57 #cong20

Synopsis: This is an article written by the influence of researching and reading various society 3.0 pieces. This is my view on what [...]

Meritocracy Has its Merits but it’s No Way to Build a Society #56 #cong20

Synopsis: Meritocracy is the fairest way to organise society, right? But what about those it leaves behind? Total Words 1,098 Reading Time in [...]

Cross Boundary Leadership and Society 3.0 #55 #cong20

Synopsis: Working across silos and sectors has shown spectacular assaults in 2020, lets learn from these lessons. Total Words 376 Reading Time in [...]

Ireland 21 or How we Might Discover a Way out of Populist Dysfunction and Disorder #54 #cong20

Synopsis:  As our traditional tools for identifying popular will break down, we need a new approach to the development of public knowledge Total [...]

Conspire, Collude, Corrupt, Compete & Collapse #55 #cong20

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The Joy of Society šŸ˜‰ #53 #cong20

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My Predictions: Societal Change over the next ~100 years #52 #cong20

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