2016 Submissions

Innovation #cong17

The Reality Library @cong23

CongRegation Library Finding inspiration or even reference points for CongRegation submissions can be difficult.  This year is no exception except the theme of [...]

Purpose – the hardest topic? #57 #cong22

Synopsis: A look at purpose from the mundane, to the important to the profound. Total Words 726 Reading Time in Minutes 3 Key [...]

Become Your Purpose #56 #cong22

Synopsis: Its BE HAVE DO, not DO HAVE BE. If you want something, pretend (with every fiber of your being) that you have [...]

Our Autonomy is our Purpose. #55 #cong22

Synopsis: Purpose is doing. Total Words 1,035 Reading Time in Minutes 4 Key Takeaways: Purpose is what you do. Autonomy, identity, and values [...]

An Ordinary Life #54 #cong22

Synopsis: Somehow Purpose has been hijacked by 'Higher' but what about living a flaneuring life in search of nothing more but beauty and [...]

Entrepreneurial Purpose #53 #cong22

Synopsis: I've had the privilege of working with many entrepreneurs. Here's what I have found is the purpose that drives them to achieve. [...]

Purpose #52 #cong22

Synopsis: Realising purpose, do I have a purpose ? has to be the one of the most commonly asked question . I talk [...]

Purpose, a carrot or a stick!? #51 #cong22

Synopsis: Coming soon Total Words 682 Reading Time in Minutes 3 Key Takeaways: Coming soon . About Paddy Delaney: I am a reformed [...]

Purpose Pitfalls #50 #cong22

Synopsis: Some things I try to keep in mind while working with a purpose. Total Words 636 Reading Time in Minutes 3 Key [...]

Prosperity in The Metaverse #51 #cong22

Synopsis: How does prosperity look in The Metaverse Total Words 576 Reading Time in Minutes 2 Key Takeaways: The Metaverse is already a [...]