2016 Submissions

Innovation #cong17

How to Build an Engaged Community Online #3 #cong19

Synopsis: Social media is not about blasting out ads and posts. It's about building relationships and using your knowledge to add value to [...]

Community Insights Through Tribes

I have been interested in the modern take on Tribes since Seth Godins book ‘Tribes’ and the interesting analysis of videos like the […]

Community – a Disability Perspective #2 #cong19

Synopsis: Community can have a profoundly positive impact on people living with disability but current structures and vocabulary needs rethinking. 4 Key Takeaways: [...]

Communities of Excellence #1 #cong19

Synopsis: There is a lack of awareness of what quality and excellence are and their potential for communities and society in general. This [...]

#cong 18 Report – Three Days of Ideas | Engaging | Connecting | Sharing

Under the theme of ‘Ideas’ CongRegation 2018 the three day ‘mind mesh’ festival this year further expanded to include 7 different events as […]

Night of Ideas in Ashford Castle

The fact that there is only 32 seats in the private cinema in Ashford Castle is the biggest weaknesses and strengths of the […]

Summary of #cong18 Ideas Submissions

Almost 100 submissions were published this year in the run up to #cong18 on Nov 24th under the meta theme of ‘Ideas’ and […]

The Story Behind the CongRegation Themes

CongRegation has morphed and grown since the first incarnation experiment in 2013 although the fundamental structure of what makes it special has remained […]

Media and Ideas #97 #cong18

Synopsis: The media operate in a pressure cauldron of time constraints and ideas flow from talking to people, using contacts and running with [...]

Ideas from the Inside the Box #96 #cong18

Synopsis: Ideas come from a wealth of sources, take time to form and clients need to educated on how to buy them. 4 [...]