2016 Submissions

Innovation #cong17

If You See the Need, Take the Lead #11 #cong21

Synopsis: I start by using a quote from Arthur Ashe and finish by using one from Ewan McIntosh - in between I shout [...]

Then the Alien Came Looking for Spartacus #10 #cong21

Synopsis:  I have taken a tongue in cheek satirical approach to my piece this year.  Conceptually I wanted to create something as laughable [...]

Leadership – Its Affects and Legacies #9 #cong21

Synopsis:  In the modern world successful leadership, as in the organisation of people and resources to get things done, is regarded by many [...]

What Leadership Really Needs in 2021 #8 #cong21

Synopsis: What is good leadership, and why we are suffering from a lack of it currently. Total Words 720 Reading Time in Minutes [...]

The Best Leader is one we Barely Know Exists #7 #cong21

Synopsis: “A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we [...]

Are Leaders Forged in Fire? #6 #cong21

Synopsis:  If leaders are not born but forged, we must ask ourselves - forged in what? What are the main attributes of becoming [...]

Leading from Outside the Comfort Zone #5 #cong21

Synopsis:  I open with a vignette of my son, then aged 10, asking me earnestly ‘how do you get more confidence?’ I was [...]

Leadership: Character + Circumstance #4 #cong21

Synopsis: Leadership is not lacking in the modern world. It just happens to most often be exercised by individuals other than leaders. The [...]

Taking the Lead from the Followers #3 #cong21

Synopsis:  We all have a tendency towards grandiosity, but the truth is we can’t all be leaders. Leaders’ lessons are full of fibs, [...]

In the Silence of the Lambs, Who’s Leading the Sheeple? #2 #cong21

Synopsis: If there ever was a time for powerful leadership - it's now. Each us needs to show up as the leader we [...]