2016 Submissions

Innovation #cong17

We need a global community but can we get it? #65 #cong19

Synopsis: We all have experience of different communities at different stages of our lives, those we are born to and those we choose [...]

A Community May Be Asleep or Had a Heart Attack but it’s NOT DEAD. #64 #cong19

Synopsis: If there is life, there can be a community. Often I hear sure rural is dead, pubs are dead, the community is [...]

“It takes an empowered village to raise a child in the digital age” – The story of Africa Code Week #63 #cong19

Synopsis: In 2018, the Africa Code Week project introduced 2.3 million young Africans to coding and digital literacy skills. 37 countries | 63,759 [...]

Creating Community in Professional Sport #62 #cong19

Synopsis: Professional sport has expanded beyond all measure in the last 30 years, growing from 'highlights' on a Saturday night to 24 hour [...]

A Death in the Community? #61 #cong19

Synopsis: The passing away of someone can be the catalyst to bring people together and galvanise them in a show of community. Key [...]

Bringing the Community Back to Port #60 #cong19

Synopsis: As a busy city centre Dublin Port has changed and evolved over the ages.  However community remains central with its deep history [...]

You are not Alone in Your Loneliness #59 #cong19

Synopsis: The spinning mind of teenager Caoimhe May is back again giving yet another twist on a subject deeply involved in mental health [...]

What are the Secrets in the Community Garden #58 #cong19

Synopsis: While community's have been at the centre of destruction they are our hope and can be our guiding light. This conversation aims [...]

Reflections on Community #57 #cong19

Synopsis: A community takes a long time to build, and a short time to destroy.  Investing into a community requires patience, time, trust [...]

Supporting Youth Volunteering in Rural Ireland #56 #cong19

Synopsis: Much of the resources and research on youth volunteering has highlighted the need to meet motivations, promote the benefits and ensure recognition [...]