2016 Submissions

Innovation #cong17

Man cannot live on Banana Bread alone #14 #cong20

Synopsis: We were not equipped with a set of instructions for how to cope in a Global Pandemic. So whatever you're doing to [...]

Society 3.0 – A Radical Thought Experiment #13 #cong20

Synopsis: what kind of society might be formed by a collective of citizens evolving the capability to perceive the social organism, and the [...]

Global Population Decline: Good or Bad? #12 #cong20

Synopsis: It is generally accepted that the global population will begin an irreversible decline within the next 20 to 80 years, in fact [...]

Working from Home. #11 #cong20

Synopsis:  The future of work will be driven, as it has always been, by a need for teams to be successful. Working from [...]

Home Is Where The Heart (of Society 3.0) Is #10 #cong20

Synopsis:  In 2020, to be social is to potentially put yourself and others in your social circles in harm’s way, so how do [...]

Society, in the Past, in the Present and in the Future. #9 #cong20

Synopsis: Society is complex and is made up of various personalities. Total Words 2,157 Reading Time in Minutes 9 Key Takeaways: We need [...]

Technology Furthering Social Transformation #8 #cong20

Synopsis: Technology in a year of pandemic foment has been a forcing function driving closer connectiveness and problem solving. The power of COTS [...]

Regenerative farming: Food 3.0 #7 #cong20

Synopsis: Our industrial/financial based society does not provide us with food that is healthy, fresh, grown in healthy soil by a fairly rewarded [...]

Walking 1500km with Bill Burr #6 #cong20

Synopsis:  Global Business Traveller who's plans were badly impacted by Pandemic. Walked a lot. Wandered towards purpose. Remembered a story from Serbia. Lived [...]

In Who Do We Trust #5 #cong20

Synopsis: A personal perspective on what I see as access to thriving in Society 3.0. Total Words 1,102 Reading Time in Minutes 4 [...]