2016 Submissions

Innovation #cong17

Why is Purpose so important to achieving a successful outcome? #2 #cong22

Synopsis: Coming soon Total Words 1,548 Reading Time in Minutes 6 Key Takeaways: Coming soon About Carol Passemard I moved to Ireland from [...]

Comic on Purpose #1 #cong22

Synopsis: A short comic about purpose. Total Words 117 Reading Time in Minutes

The Purpose Library @cong22

Activate Brand Purpose by Scott Goodson and Chip Walker The greatest challenge facing leaders is activating and actioning purpose based brands to the […]

CongRegation Celebrates 10 Years on Purpose

CongRegation (www.congregation.ie) #cong22, the annual mind mesh unconference, marks its 10th year with a return to Cong Village, Co Mayo from Nov25-27th under […]

What’s Rare is Valuable – Decision Making Defines the Leader #52 #cong21

Synopsis: Good leaders make good decisions. The process may change. Some steps are easier that others, some steps can break down under pressure, [...]

Leadership in my Second Brain #51 #cong21

Synopsis: Leadership is a prime topic that has followed me from my days as an Air Force officer. Thoughts about leadership are deeply [...]

Leadership and Closing the Gender Gap #50 #cong21

Synopsis: The future of leadership is gender equality. When women are at the decision making table better, more holistic, risk averse decisions are [...]

Sport and Leadership #49 #cong21

Synopsis: Does sport, particularly for female athletes, develop leadership abilities for business and lead to better career success? Total Words 1,032 Reading Time [...]

All About Leadership #48 #cong21

Synopsis: Words matter.  How much do you know about leadership terms.  Try this word puzzle to find them. Total Words 416 Reading Time [...]

Remote Leadership is the Future #47 #cong21

Synopsis: Covid has made everything remote including most teamwork, Leaders need to accept that their teams are going to be distributed by default [...]