The Human Experience of the Internet. #6 #cong16

By Leon Tunney-Ware.

The human experience of the internet…..

Modern day technology has moved us intellectually into an intangible, virtual world, without engaging the true essence of what it is to be human. In the blink of an eye it seems we have taken a quantum leap from the industrial age to the digital age. We are only at the conception of what I believe the digital age will bring. Our modern lives as we know them will shape shift into a part sensory lifestyle, whereby we engage without engagement....without the shake of a hand, the syntax of language, creating a possible devolution of the human consciousness. 

Take the human element of true, tangible social connection into a reality of interpersonal relationships. Many of the things we take for granted in todaysí timeline; shops, cinema, bowling, libraries will become a thing of the past. If you look back in recent times at how music has evolved, through this evolution you see a devolution of the high street music store, from what it was to what it is now.... I think we can all see the future of the high street music store or lack thereof. 

Taking the music store as an example I'm sure with foresight you can see how our tangible world will change. I am conscious as I write this that it may be perceived that I am against the digital age or that I have an undertone of negativity towards technology...It could not be further from the truth! With this digital transformation I do believe that we have to be responsibly conscious of the impact on the youth of today and not allow the digital rollercoaster to consume them and detach them from many of the everyday life experiences they will need to create social interactions.

Without a digital social conscience the future of the digital age could bring the past of the human age....What I mean by this is the human being is a social animal...we have come from a grunt to a sophisticated language and with that transformation manifested a social society made up of everyday, tangible interactions, a consequence of those interactions is a by-product of empathy. Empathy is an accumulation of full sensory input and as we move into the future of the birth of the digital age, a social responsibility is knocking at the door of society to create a realisation that a social engagement is in fact a "social" engagement. 

Whichever direction the digital age travels, it will solve many of societyís problems for example, traffic jams will more than likely become a thing of the past as many people will work from home as virtual employees. As the population grows we will have virtual classrooms, colleges and even virtual health clinics, whereby you will have an app that will take your heart rate, blood pressure, specimen of breath etc.  It will probably be connected to a database and with perhaps a wristband that will connect you to a cyber health clinic that will send out a text to make you aware of predicted future health problems!

Speed cameras will become a thing of the past, GPS governance on your vehicle to ensure you do not speed!

 An immobiliser fitted to your vehicle that you will blow into to ensure that your blood alcohol is below the legal limit!

A chip will be implanted into people on probation to monitor their whereabouts at all times!

These are obviously all possibilities, but I am sure you can see they are congruent with the algorhythm that is the digital age. 

In many ways our world as we know it will change, in good ways and bad. For us to remain truly human we need to protect from isolation of individuals creating hermit like families where they possibly mightn't even know their next door neighbour unless they are a friend on Facebook or the like, that in itself is not the problem.

The problems that society will have to address will possibly be an increase in depression, obesity and probably the worst of all a breakdown of tangible society. 

Without true social empathy and everyday sensory interactions on the level we experience in this modern age, logically society itself will not exist the way we know it. Without everyday sensory input we cannot engage with each other in the manner of a true human being. 

I'm sure that there will be many virtual products in our future that will look to resolve some of the effects in our digital future history, whereby artificial intelligence will be more human than the human itself.

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